The launch of Waste less, Save more in Swadlincote goes off with a bang

Posted by Sainsbury's on 1 February 2016

School children visit Sainsbury's Swadlincote

On 27 January Sainsbury’s Waste less, Save more campaign was officially launched in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire.

It was a brilliant success, with many people coming down to join in the Waste less, Save more expo.

The main event was held at the Sainsbury’s supermarket in the centre of the town and visitors were invited to take part in a number of trials.

Some 15,000 fridge thermometers were handed out for free to help people maintain their fridge at the correct temperature so that fruit and veg lasts longer – find out more here.

Fridge thermometers

New innovative stickers which have been created to paste on the container holding your leftovers are also part of the experiment and were being handed out on the day. As time goes on the central circle on the sticker changes colour, letting you know whether the food was made today, if it’s still fresh or whether it’s past its best – a sure fire way to help you keep track of when to eat up that delicious bolognese you made at the weekend!

Waste less, Save more sticker

Excitingly, Swadlincote became the first place outside of London to be introduced to the Olio app, a community food sharing revolution. Read more here to find out more about what it does.

The giant Waste Warrior interactive video game was unveiled and proved particularly popular giving players a fun introduction to the issue of food waste as well as some top tips for rescuing the most thrown away foods.

Waste Warrior

Customers were also asked to share their top food waste saving tips in exchange for handy tools such as spaghetti measurers, tube squeezers and bread bag clips. Everyone who shared a tip will be entered into a competition to win a visit from a professional chef who will make a meal out of whatever is in their kitchen cupboards and fridge.

Four local schools also got in on the action with Pingle School taking part in a Ready, Steady, Save challenge where year nine pupils were asked to create a meal out of a small amount of surplus that came from the local Sainsbury’s stores. Lunchtime delights included potato bakes, pasta dishes and an unusual sweet risotto with strawberries and apple.

The Waste Warrior game also went on tour starting at Pingle School before relocating to Granville Sports College making for a memorable lunch break for the younger students.

And a group of children from Eureka Primary School were given an insight into the world of waste prevention with a tour of Sainsbury’s and a food waste quiz to help them learn about making the most of their food.

A keen student raises his hand to answer a question

The campaign was launched in response to customer research, which sought to find out what mattered most to shoppers - the results showed a clear desire to reduce the amount of food wasted. No surprise when UK-wide stats show that on average, a UK family throws away £700 worth of edible food a year.

The ambitious target is to reduce food waste in Swadlincote by 50%, which, if achieved, would make it the first place to reach the UN’s Global Sustainability Goal 14 years ahead of the 2030 benchmark.

To achieve this Swadlincote will be the hub for all things food savvy: via the town's in-store activity at their local Sainsbury's through to school projects and town-wide events and will be a test bed for ground-breaking new technologies.

Local community groups are now working up bids to secure funding to test out their food waste reduction ideas. If you have an idea you think should be tested in Swadlincote please email