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Swadlincote has been selected to work with Sainsbury’s throughout 2016 as the test bed town in its Waste less, Save more initiative.

Over the next year, Sainsbury’s will work closely with South Derbyshire District Council to deliver a number of activities and initiatives designed to help residents waste less food and save money.

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Kids spill the beans - so to speak - on food waste at home

How much food does your family waste every day?

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£1 million available for Discovery Communities

Food waste fight continues with Sainsbury’s pledge to provide funding for schemes across the UK

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10 food companies turning surplus into tasty treats

These innovative ideas make delicious use of food that would otherwise go to waste

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10 cities around the world leading the way in food waste

These towns and cities are doing their bit to cut down on wasted food

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Which countries waste the most food?

We take a look at food waste statistics around the world

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10 restaurants fighting food waste

These eateries take a proactive approach to reducing food waste from their kitchens

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Food waste fight hits farmers’ market

Swadlincote’s Food Saver Champions appear at the local farmers’ market

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James Strawbridge HERO.jpg

Frugal foodie: 5 minutes in the kitchen with chef James Strawbridge

The brains behind the Posh Pasty Company and an expert in sustainable living, chef James Strawbridge shares his tips for making the most of the food we buy

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10 food waste initiatives around the globe

Innovative ideas in the fight against food waste

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Hero lots of rotting apples.jpg

Ethylene gas: The facts about the ripening agent and food

It makes our produce ready to eat - but can also cause your food to rot

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fridge HERO.jpg

Tech your pick: 10 innovations designed to reduce food waste

These technological innovations around the world could give a helping hand in the battle against food waste

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Families join food waste campaign

Swadlincote households test different ways to cut down on food waste

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Making waste beautiful: Five minutes in the kitchen with Tiny Leaf

The UK’s first vegetarian, organic, zero-waste restaurant shares its food-saving secrets

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Get appy: 5 phone apps designed to help reduce food waste

Download these clever apps that can help you be smarter about food shopping and using up leftovers

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New team champion food waste message

Forget the Fantastic Four - there’s a new group of superheroes in town and they’re on a mission to save our food

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Environmental charity WRAP supports Swadlincote

Success for Waste less, Save more is all about adopting new habits says campaign partner

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App bringing back community values

A new food-sharing app is bringing communities together and changing attitudes about we throw away, says the new coordinator for the tool being trialled in Swadlincote.

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15 food waste facts that will change the way you eat

Before you chuck it away, here’s some food for thought

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10 festivals fighting food waste

These music and food fests are doing their bit to cut down on wasted produce

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James Strawbridge hero.jpg

Top chef joins food waste fight

James Strawbridge, who owns the Posh Pasty Company, visited a local family to share his tips for using up leftovers

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From surplus to smoothies: Five minutes in the kitchen with Rejuce

Meet the company making delicious juices and smoothies from the stuff we’d normally throw away

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What’s in store: Tools to help you fight food waste

Key players at Sainsbury’s Swadlincote reveal the tools designed to help you become food waste savvy

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The Fridge Factor

Busy Britons could save hundreds of pounds with a simple selfie.... of their fridge.

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Discovery Community

Leading the battle against food waste

Local food waste champions take centre stage at nationwide talks.

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The Big Freeze

Swadlincote tested food freshness stickers and fridge thermometers, and the results are in.

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Jenny Dawson left and Alicia Lawson HERO.jpg

From junk to jam: 5 minutes in the kitchen with Rubies in the Rubble

When passionate foodie Jenny Dawson launched Rubies in the Rubble it couldn’t have been further away from her old life.

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Family Values

Meet the Edwards family who are welcoming the Waste less, Save more challenge into their home

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Food waste: what you need to know

From Oscar winning A-listers to your local branch of the WI – reducing food waste is firmly on the main agenda

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Six local projects awarded cash from £1 million pot

Sainsbury’s awards £300,000 to local Waste less, Save more projects

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Founders of Olio

Revolutionary free app to help Swadlincote save food

The community of Swadlincote is the first town beyond London to trial a new ground breaking free food app called Olio

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Trewin Restorick

Interview with Trewin Restorick at Hubbub

Top tips from an environmental charity Hubbub should help Swadlincote hit target and achieve the waste less goals

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Sustainability Street

Cutting food waste should be fun

The woman behind Swadlincote’s bid to win the £1m Sainsbury’s food waste campaign explains why the town’s community spirit helped seal success.

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Kate Allies with colleague Andy Chalmers

Food waste: can one person really make a big difference?

The woman behind Swadlincote’s bid to win the £1m Sainsbury’s food waste campaign explains why the town’s community spirit helped seal success.

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Why do we throw away so much food?

It costs UK households millions of pounds annually and causes environmental damage, but did you know that most food waste in the UK is avoidable? We reveal some interesting and surprising facts about food wastage in the UK and why exactly we throw away so much food.

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Sustainability Street

Who are the savviest soap stars when it comes to food waste?

Find out how wasteful (or not) the inhabitants of your favourite soap operas are when it comes to buying, shopping and eating food.

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Eureka Primary School kids visit Sainsbury's in Swadlincote

Primary school kids turn Food Waste Warriors

Swadlincote’s primary school children have been invited to help lead the charge against food waste as part of Sainsbury’s Waste less, Save more initiative.

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School children visit Sainsbury's Swadlincote

The launch of Waste less, Save more in Swadlincote goes off with a bang

Sainsbury's has kicked off its pioneering project to help people waste less food by launching Swadlincote as its Waste less, Save more town.

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Meet Swadlincote

Swadlincote: Meet the town

Get the lowdown on the winning town of Swadlincote and the community that made the Sainsbury’s Waste less, Save more town challenge happen.

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Fridge thermometers

Learn about: Fridge Thermometers

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make the biggest difference and fridge thermometers definitely fit into that category. An affordable investment that will save you money and help eliminate food waste so why wouldn’t you? Well Sainsbury’s is kicking off its Waste less, Save more partnership with Swadlincote by donating 15,000 fridge thermometers to households across the town. Here’s the lowdown on how they work.

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The Waste less, Save more winner is... Swadlincote

How the historic mining town of Swadlincote in Derbyshire fought off the competition and become the chosen town for Sainsbury’s Waste less, Save more challenge.

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OLIO balloon

Swadlincote to trial an exciting new app for food waste

A new food-saving initiative is being trialled by Sainsbury’s as part of its ongoing commitment to reducing food waste, and Swadlincote was one of the first towns in the UK to trial it.

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