Wrinkly peaches

Posted by Sainsbury's on 8 January 2016


We’re so used to chucking away anything that looks less than glossy and just-ripe, but there’s plenty of value left in most fresh produce when it’s ‘on the turn’.

Soft fruits often go from firm and unyielding to soft, wrinkly and mushy in a matter of a couple of days.

As soon as you notice your peaches starting to wrinkle or shrink a bit, don’t consign them to the bin. Try making our easy peach pudding – it literally could not be simpler. You only have to halve and stone the peaches before baking them in the oven filled with a little jam – et voilà!

Add a spoonful of crème frâiche and some crushed biscuits for a luxurious, delicious treat.