What to do with your Easter feast leftovers

Posted by Sainsbury's on 4 April 2017


If your home was busier than the Easter Bunny this Bank Holiday weekend, chances are you stocked up on a bakery’s worth of hot cross buns and ingredients for a roast dinner to last a month of Sundays.

Which usually means leftovers.

Don’t worry - here are some fab ways to make the most of them.


This quick and tasty tagine turns leftover roast lamb into a Moroccan dish full of fragrant flavour.

Use chunks of leftover meat in your favourite curry or stew recipe, throwing in the bone (if you have one) for extra flavour while it bubbles away in the pot.

Or chop into this lamb ragu recipe, adding the roasting juices for extra richness of flavour. 

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Mash can be frozen in sealable bags - or, of course, you could fry it up with leftover cabbage for bubble and squeak. You can also create the classic next-day dish using crushed boiled or roast potatoes.

Make a hash of it by cooking a little garlic and chilli, throwing in the roasties (and any other veg) and, once hot, topping with a fried egg.

Crispy roast potatoes can also be scattered over salads, like extra-delicious croutons.

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Even if all you’re left with is a couple of spoonfuls of peas and carrots, don’t throw them in the bin. They can be thrown in to casseroles, stews, soups or an ever-versatile frittata. 

For an easy-peasy pasta, sauté finely-sliced garlic, throw in leftover cooked peas and toss with cooked pasta and a little grated cheese. You can also make a delicious salmon and pea spaghetti.

If you’ve ended up with bowlfuls of leftover broccoli and cauliflower, mix with cheese sauce and bake. Or crisp up boiled veggies in the oven and toss through rice for a no-fuss meal.

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Hot cross buns

If you have gone overboard with your bun shopping, there are some tasty ways to use them up. Slightly-stale buns can used for a hot cross bun and butter pudding.

You can soak in whisked eggs and milk before browning in a frying pan, for a fruity version of eggy bread.

Or make breadcrumbs to sprinkle on fruit, ice cream or yogurt, or for a treacle tart filling. Halve and bake at a low heat for around 10 minutes, then blend. You can freeze in a suitable container until ready to use.

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You never know - it could happen. It may just be that, after stuffing yourself with chocolate eggs all weekend, you’re craving a different way to enjoy the sweet brown stuff.

Break up big chocolate eggs and use in a classic brownie recipe or as a choc-chip substitute in cookies.

You could also add to a pan with milk, heating until the choc has melted for a delicious hot drink.

Or make Mini Egg rocky road bites.

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