What kind of food waster are you?

Posted by Sainsbury's on 25 January 2016

Food waste bin

OK, you’re here because, like thousands of others up and down the country, you recognise that too much good grub ends up in the bin. Take this quiz to figure out what kind of waster you actually are and what you can do about it.


On the right track

You know your way around the kitchen and you love to cook when you get the chance, but - whether it’s work, kids, social life or a combination of all three – time seems to always get in the way when it comes to proper planning, portioning and making the most of leftovers. However if you take note of just some of these top tips you should start to save money and waste less food while still eating really really well!

Woeful waster

You don’t want to throw food away all the time  but it just happens. You buy too much, end up eating out or grabbing a takeaway while your fresh foods are abandoned for days . It doesn’t have to be like this though, if you follow these handy tips you’ll see just how easier, healthier and cheaper it can be to waste less and save more.

Not a morsel wasted under your watch

You’re passionate about food and love nothing more than sharing the joy by whipping up a culinary spectacular in the kitchen for friends and family. You plan meticulously and always stay on budget and your freezer is testament to the fact that you really do know how to waste less and save more. There might be more tips and tricks that can help you out though so click here to brush up and see what other people are up to as well.