What are the most thrown away foods in Britain?

Posted by Sainsbury's on 24 January 2016

The most thrown away food in the UK: chicken, bananas, pasta, potatoes, shrimps and tomatoes

How does Manchester compare to, say, London?

Waste less and save more with these ideas for using up ingredients on the turn. For more ideas, check out Sainsbury's Food Rescue site that's bursting with ideas.

Did you know that if you live in London, you’re most likely to throw away bananas, whereas for Liverpudlians it’s chicken breasts? Sainsbury's is collecting data from up and down the country from their Food Rescue website to help you waste less and save more. Here are some ideas for using up the most commonly discarded ingredients.

London & Bristol: stop binning your bananas

So you’ve got a bowl of bananas going spotty and soft? There are several things you can do with these. Add them to a deliciously spicy warm fruit salad (one of the favourite recipes on Sainsbury’s Food Rescue), or bake them into banana bread. You can even make them into ice cream with very little effort. Or, if time is really short, just mash them with a fork and a little cream or yogurt.

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Preston, Leeds, Birmingham & Cardiff: take pity on your potatoes

People of Preston (and Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff!), save your spuds! We don’t advocate any potatoes with green-tinged skins, as they can be poisonous, but if you’ve got a bag of spuds nearing its ‘best before’ date but still looking good to go, try one of our simple rescue recipes.

Chop them up to make crispy zucchini & roasties; slice leftover cooked potatoes and use them in our courgette & potato frittata, or grate par-boiled potatoes for vegetable rosti cakes – all deliciously different from a side dish of boiled or mashed.

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Manchester: chickening out?

If that pack of chicken drumsticks is nearing its best-before date and you’re struggling for some inspiration, do something a bit different for a change. Check out our recipes for Thai chicken drumsticks, honey chicken with mash & crushed peastasty chicken casserole or Mediterranean chicken bake. The humble drumstick need never be boring again!

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Edinburgh: it’s a leeked story

Leeks are more versatile than they’re given credit for. There are more ways of using them than simply as a boiled and buttered side dish. For a lovely wintry side dish, try our recipes for pan-fried leeks with sprouts, whole chestnuts & sage. For a comforting main, make chicken, pea & leek bake, or for a filling supper or lunch dish, whizz up thick and creamy classic leek & potato soup.

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Nottingham & Glasgow: save our tomatoes

Over-ripe tomatoes are usually bursting with flavour – and can add a lovely sweetness and depth to pasta sauces or meaty stews and ragus. Shake things up with some of our favourite ways to use up older tomatoes.

Why not cook a hearty ratatouille – all you need is your tomatoes plus a courgette, an onion and some peppers. It’s a great side dish or vegetarian main. Or how about other comfort-food dishes, such as tomato gratin (perfect for over-ripe tomatoes) – or for lunch or supper, roast tomato soup or country bread with tomatoes.

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Liverpool: stop chucking the chicken

Of course, you don’t want to use chicken that is past its use-by date, but if you’ve bought more than you thought you’d need, there are some deliciously different recipes you can cook while using up your chicken breasts. There’s so much more you can do with this lean, versatile meat than just grilling it. Try ricotta-stuffed chicken, pesto chicken pasta or Moroccan-style chicken stew.

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Coventry: not-so-sweet for potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a versatile ingredient. They’re delicious roasted with skins on, or mashed or diced and added to slow-cooked dishes. The texture and flavour are quite different from standard potatoes, so don’t waste them!

One of the simplest recipes you can cook is sweet potato wedges. If you have oil, you have all you need for a delicious accompaniment to soup, a snack (with a dip) or a side. Otherwise, try sweet potato, bacon & chickpea hash or sweet potato tagine – delicious and inexpensive.

Sweet potatoes
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Belfast: pity the prawn

Prawns are another ingredient that can’t be used past their use-by date, but if you’ve bought them on offer and not used them yet, or if they’re coming to the end of their freezer life, don’t throw them away.

There are lots of quick-and-easy dishes you can make with prawns. Whether they’re fresh, frozen, pre-cooked or raw, they take very little time to cook. Bring back some lovely holiday memories with Spanish style seared prawns, chilli prawn tagliatelle or easy paella.

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