Waste not, want more: delicious foods you really shouldn’t be binning

Posted by Sainsbury's on 2 January 2015

Think juice pulp and potato peelings have to go in the bin? Think again.

Irish soda scones

Made with: Gone off milk

Believe it or not, the secret to a lot of the tastiest Irish baking is milk that's on the turn. So if you've had to sniff and re-sniff it, it probably means you're ready to bake these soda scones. Although, actually, any recipe that involves buttermilk is fair game to you...

Irish soda scones on a plate
Via: The Bojon Gourmet

...like this Southern style buttermilk fried chicken. A tablespoon of lemon juice for every cup of whiffy milk will turn it into buttermilk. Two cups of that and all the right seasoning and you're a fried chicken chef!

Southern style buttermilk fried chicken
Via: The Little Epicurean

Cheesy bacon curls

Made with: potato peelings

Made with none other than the remnants of your peeled potato. All you have to do for this delicious American-style bar snack (presumably best enjoyed while watching a macho sport) is roast your peelings in the oven with a little oil then top with crispy bacon and cheddar and bake for a few more mins. If you're feeling particularly sinful, serve them with a good ol' dollop of crème fraîche. Oh yes.

Bacon chips with crème fraîche
Via: Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

Carrot pulp cake

Made with: none other than carrot juice pulp

If you're feeling wild and out of control, you can 100% put any fruit pulp you'd normally put in your smoothies into a cake. For real! These guys at always order dessert (after our hearts) have gone with carrot cake and orange cream cheese frosting. Yes indeed.

Carrot pulp cake
Via: Always Order Dessert

Vegetable fritters

Made with: veg juice pulp

If you're all about glugging down that savoury jus des legumes (kale, spinach and carrot work best) why not kill two birds with one stone and flatten them into fritters? Great news – after all the juicy smugness you can fry these bad boys, smother then in hummus and eat them in a hot wrap. Still, technically juice, right?

Vegetable Fritters from veg juice pulp
Via: Glow Kitchen

Broccoli fries

Made with: leftover broccoli stalks

OK, so technically this isn't going to save you millions of pounds because chucking away a broccoli stalk will cost you all of about 10p. However, however, it will seriously impress your friends when you make them these battered broccoli stems complete with a chimichurri tahini dip.

Broccoli fries with chimichurri tahini dip
Via: What's Cooking Good Looking

Cheesy leek and potato soup

Made with: boiled-up cheese rinds

If you want to add some seriously punchy depth of flavour to your soups this winter, boil those cheese rinds up. Hard bits of Parmesan in particular will bring your soup to life. 

Chucking them on top of vegetables like spinach in the pan will also add untold pizazz to your sides.

Cheesy leek and potato soup
Via: It's Not Easy Eating Green

Banana and courgette cake

Made with: overripe bananas and courgettes

If you've got a load of brown bananas and courgettes knocking around (because who ever fancies cooking up a lone courgette of an evening?) do not chuck. We repeat, do not chuck. This recipe from Sweet Peas Kitchen looks unbelievable and is even dreamier with bananas that are on their way out topped with browned butter glaze. It is dense, moist and totally indulgent. It also involves a sachet of vanilla pudding mix which you can totally sub out for a sachet of Bird's instant custard. Hurrah!

Banana and courgette cake
Via: Sweet Peas Kitchen

Or if you've only got bananas ...

Mash them senseless with sugar and spices and make these delicious banana fritters. You will become an instant breakfast legend.

Banana fritters
Via: Cook Like A Jamaican

Frugal (sort of) and delicious. Happy cooking!