Turn leftover roast meat into a Banh Mi

Posted by Ella Buchan on 26 August 2016


Leftover roast or grilled meat like chicken, pork or beef is great tossed with grains and veg to make a substantial salad.

It’s also a mainstay of homemade sandwiches with mayo, mustard or horseradish and some greens. Delicious.

Looking to take things up a notch? Try this impressive Banh Mi.

A street food favourite in Vietnam and now widespread across the UK, a Banh Mi is a sandwich made with a sub-style roll or baguette - golden and crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.

Our recipe makes a slaw from the veg odds ‘n’ ends in your fridge, adding zingy Asian flavours with the juice of limes and a few dashes of fish sauce. Layer with your leftover meat for a sandwich that will impress colleagues and go down a storm at any picnic.

Or just keep it to yourself and enjoy it at home...

Watch our video to find out how to make your own Banh Mi.