Tomatoes on the turn

Posted by Sainsbury's on 13 January 2016

So what if your tomatoes are a bit squishy and wrinkly? The passing of time can actually improve their taste if you know what to do with them.

Actually, the softer and riper tomatoes become, the sweeter and juicier they are. They might not look at their best to serve fresh or cut into salads – or even in traditional sliced-bread sandwiches – but you could roast them with a little rosemary, sea salt and olive oil for a wonderful veg accompaniment or pasta sauce base.

Also, if you have a courgette in the fridge that’s starting to wrinkle, and a bit of time, you have the perfect ingredients for our homemade courgette, tomato & ricotta bread recipe. Try it – you’ll be waiting for your veg to over-mature next time!