The transformers: Two pots in disguise

Posted by Ella Buchan on 24 October 2016

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Sometimes a meal is just as delicious, or even more so, reheated or eaten cold the next day. But repetition can be boring, too.

Don’t let those leftovers languish in the fridge. Try these ways to create completely new dishes, with the help of a few clever tricks and ingredients.

Stir-fry to soup

Veggies and noodles make a tasty basis for a soup, with or without chicken, beef or prawns included. Just heat up with chicken or veg stock.

Use this stir-fry soup recipe from Brown Sugar as your guide.

Stir-fry soup
Via: Brown Sugar

Burgers into Bolognese

Crumble leftover cooked burgers into a homemade tomato sauce, chucking in any veggies you like, for a quick, easy ragu with added bite.

Burger bolognese
Shutterstock via: 3523studio

Bolognese into cottage pie

Bulk out leftover ragu with other veggies, including frozen peas, top with mash and bake until nicely browned on top. A delicious, tomatoey version of traditional cottage pie.

Bolognese into cottage pie
Shutterstock via: zkruger

Roast chicken into pies

Keep ready-to-roll pastry in the freezer to easily transform leftover chicken, potatoes and veg into a comforting pie. Check out this pot-pie recipe by One Hungry Mama.

You can roll out shortcrust or make life even easier by simply topping the dish with puff pastry before baking. This super-simple trick also works with leftover casseroles and stews - you can even bake it in the same pot.

Roast chicken pie
Shutterstock via: Joe Gough

Arabbiata to frittata

So long as it isn’t too liquidy, any pasta and sauce can be mixed with eggs and whatever other veg you have to hand, poured into a skillet and cooked over a medium heat for a filling frittata. 

Lightly brown the top under the grill for an (almost) instant supper. Delicious cold for lunch, too.

Try this recipe for leftover spaghetti frittata by Back to Her Roots.

Via: Back to Her Roots

Carbonara to mac ‘n’ cheese

That creamy bacon and egg sauce will be delicious in a macaroni (or any other pasta) cheese bake. Bulk out with more pasta, if needed, stir in grated cheese and crème fraîche to loosen the mixture, top with more cheese and bake for around half an hour, until golden and bubbling.

Throw in leftover veg too - anything from spinach and mushrooms to sweetcorn.

Carbonara mac ‘n’ cheese
Shutterstock via: Joe Gough

Baked potatoes into soup

Yes, really. The fluffy insides of your leftover baked spuds add a gloriously comforting texture to this soup recipe on Our Best Bites.

And don’t waste the skins - brush with oil, sprinkle on cheese and/or herbs and bake until crisp for a tasty snack or side dish.

Baked potato soup
Via: Our Best Bites

Fish pie to fishcakes

Mush up leftover fish pie, roll with floured hands into fishcakes, dip in beaten egg and coat with breadcrumbs. 

Then simply fry or bake in the oven until heated through and golden. Refrigerate for an hour or so before cooking, if the mixture still feels a little sloppy.

Shutterstock via: Joe Gough

Pizza to quiche

Fancy a ‘quizza’ for supper? Chop up leftover pizza, combine with eggs, veggies like spinach and mushrooms - and some meat, if you like - for this delicious pizza quiche. You can even take a slice to work the next day, if there’s any left.

Quiche pizza
Via: Tasty Kitchen

Roast pork to quesadillas

Whether it’s leftover roast pork and apple sauce or meat left from a Chinese takeaway, trust us - it will be delicious in this genius quesadilla recipe.

Roasted pork quesadillas
Via: GreenLiteBites

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