Readers share tips for wasting less and saving more

Posted by Sainsbury's on 10 April 2016


Sainsbury’s Waste less, Save more campaign is on a mission to help Swadlincote folk get more from their food shopping.

But it seems you lot already know a thing or two about making ingredients go further.

The pioneering scheme aims to reduce waste while helping people cut an average of £350 from their annual food bills. We hit the streets to gather some top tips on stretching the contents of our cupboards. From ice lollies made from overripe fruit, to re-organising your fridge, here are some of the best ideas from locals:

Don’t just throw things out when they hit their best before date. Cook or freeze items to prolong their life.

Lisa, Swadlincote

Tupperware full of  freezable fruit and vegetables
Shutterstock / Leonid Shcheglov

Batch bake cottage pies and lasagnes then freeze leftover portions instead of throwing them away.

Kate, Swadlincote

Shutterstock / vsl

Freeze loaves of bread and only take out the slices you need.

A Stevens, Swadlincote

Loaf of bread
Shutterstock / HandmadePictures

Use unsightly or overripe fruit in smoothies or ice lollies.

Gill, Measham

Banana smoothie
Shutterstock / Ekaterina Kondratova

Donate unused produce to food banks.

Julie, Wollaton

Donation to a food bank
Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images

Stock your cupboards and fridge with older items at the front to remind you to use them first.

Nicola, Castle Gresley

Fridge full of vegetables, herbs and fruits
Shutterstock / Anna Omelchenko

Freeze unused egg yolks from meringue to use at a later date.

Lauren, Newhall

Shutterstock / Ekaterina Kondratova

Plan your meals at the start of each week. More preparation means less waste.

Kristen, Midway

Shutterstock / LanaSweet

Chop and freeze on-the-turn onions and garlic to cook with at another time.

Moira, Swadlincote

Bowl of chopped onion
Shutterstock / Zigzag Mountain Art

Try not to shop when you’re hungry as you’re more likely to overbuy.

F Harler, Swadlincote

Customer in a supermarket
Shutterstock / Lisa S.

Grate stale bread and dry the crumbs in the oven, then freeze to use when needed.

Michael, Swadlincote

Shutterstock: Tobik

Freeze any herbs you’re unlikely to use.

Tracey, Swadlincote

Herb leaves
Shutterstock / Teresa Kasprzycka

Main image via Unsplash: Marc Fulgar


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