It’s a wrap: 12 delicious fillings using leftovers

Posted by Ella Buchan on 22 July 2016


Wraps are a great way to use up leftovers and anything that needs eating up. Tortillas keep well in the freezer and defrost quickly in a low oven, so you’ll always have a convenient way of wrapping up an easy meal or snack.

Save money on pricey lunches and picnic ingredients with these super-tasty filling ideas.

Roast chicken

Use up your leftover roast breast meat with salad, such as tomatoes, peppers and avocado, to make colourful picnic wraps. Chop up those last gherkins floating around in their jar, too.

Roast chicken wraps

Leftover curry

Didn’t finish last night’s takeaway? Indian food is delicious wrapped up cold with crunchy salad, spinach and maybe a little mango chutney or yogurt. Try with chunks of lamb or tandoori chicken.

Leftover curry
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Fish fingers

This recipe uses homemade fish fingers, but you can substitute leftovers - whether it’s last night’s unfinished supper, or the box at the back of your freezer. Try breaking up battered fillets, too.

Avocado, red onion, lime and cherry toms bring the leftovers back to life.

Fish fingers


This super-versatile (and healthy) grain bulks out veggies, salad, roast meat, feta and anything else you might want to wrap up. Delicious and filling.

Quinoa wraps
Marin Mama Cooks


These fruit-filled wraps, with chocolate and marshmallows, will go down a treat with kids (and sweet-toothed adults).

Banana wraps


Of course, salad leaves are a great wrap staple. But this recipe skips the tortillas and uses crunchy iceberg leaves to envelop the delicious filling. Great if you’re cutting down on carbs or on a gluten-free diet.

Try with leftover chicken satay, roast lamb, beef or pork.

Lettuce wraps
Gimme Some Oven


Tinned beans might spill out of sarnies, but wrapped up tightly in a tortilla they are just magic. Use any combination you like - kidney, flageolet, pinto, butter beans. A great way to make use of half-empty cans.

This Homemade recipe uses cannellini beans with ripe avocados and tinned tuna.

Bean wraps


Leftover grilled meat like steak works beautifully in a wrap. Slice into strips and add leafy salad, mustard or horseradish, roasted veg and some chopped coriander.

Steak wraps
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Use up extra eggs by making a thin omelette roughly the same size as your wrap. Add chopped chillis and herbs like coriander and parsley. Then roll up to make your version of an egg khati roll, a popular Indian street food that’s delicious for lunch or as a breakfast treat.

This recipe uses a filling of masala-spiced veggies, but you can roll pretty much any omelette recipe you like into a tasty wrap.

Omelette wraps
Yummy Tummy

Chilli con carne

It’s easy to make too much chilli. Aside from topping baked spuds, a generous spoon of that spicy beef will be lovely in a wrap lined with spinach and topped with a dollop of yogurt or sour cream.

Chilli con carne
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Roasted veggies

Peppers, onions, courgette, aubergine and any other leftover roast veg makes a super-easy filling.

Roasted veggies
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Leftover meatballs (or even burgers) pack flavour into tortilla wraps. Simply add salad and yogurt laced with mint.

Try this recipe inspired by Middle Eastern flavours.

Meatball wrap

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