In a pickle: Turn overripe tomatoes into chutney

Posted by Ella Buchan on 11 August 2016


You say tomato - we say chutney. Made from soft tomatoes, this perfect pickle will liven up any cheeseboard or picnic spread.

Statistics from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) show we throw away the equivalent of 1.5 million tomatoes from our homes every day in the UK.

Tomatoes can be frozen whole and used in place of tinned tomatoes, added to dishes from bolognese to chilli con carne.

Rather than defrosting (they will turn to mush) just drop whole frozen tomatoes into the pan at the point when you would add chopped tomatoes or passata.

Or, if you have a glut of on-the-turn tomatoes, why not try our tangy tomato chutney?

Pour into a sterilised glass jar and it will keep for up to a month. Read our guide to preparing chutneys here.