How to transform your turkey into next-level leftovers

Posted by Claudia Canavan on 12 December 2016

Who's ready for the Christmas meat armageddon? From the hero turkey to countless bacon-wrapped pigs, everyone knows that Yuletide is carnivore central. 

But, really, most families don't manage to see off an entire golden bird – no matter how noble their intentions. 

Which is why you need a handful of brilliant recipes to use up all your leftovers. To lift them beyond the sandwich. To elevate them to new, culinary heights. 

Here are some tasty ideas. 

1. Leftover turkey nachos

We’re not denying that leftover turkey and roast potatoes are delicious eaten cold, perhaps with a dollop of mayonnaise and some crunchy pickles. But this genius nachos recipe could be the most delicious use of that meat ever.

Perfect as a snack in front of the last of the festive telly.

Leftover turkey nachos
Via: Sainsbury's

2. Turkey and sriracha teriyaki rice bowl 

Sweet, sticky, fiery and great: this bowl of flavours is the perfectly zingy kick to get you out of your Boxing Day slump.

Turkey and sriracha teriyaki rice bowl 
Via: Baker By Nature

3. Turkey kofte with rice

Take a walk on the Middle Eastern side, with these cumin-spiked, herb-y meatballs. Still feeling like you've eaten enough to do you for the next five weeks? Just omit the rice and pile up a load of greens instead. 

Turkey kofte with rice
Via: Sainsbury's

4. Turkey and courgette burgers with a lemon-y yoghurt 

Hello, healthy. If you're in need of some lighter lunch post festivities, these ground turkey and courgette burgers come with a tangy citrus yoghurt, for a fresher taste. 

Turkey and courgette burgers with a lemon-y yoghurt 
Via: The Iron You

5. Turkey tortilla stack

Oh hello, Mexico. Well, not exactly. But when you're rocking your spanking new Christmas pyjamas while creating a dent of your body in the sofa, these leftover turkey tortillas are as close as you're going to get.

Turkey tortilla stack
Via: Sainsbury's

6. Thai-style turkey with lemongrass and coconut 

There's something soothing about coconut milk. All of that silky, mellow creaminess. Yum. Anyway, added to this dish of blitzed-up, fragrant, leftover turkey, it's a hug in a bowl. 

Thai-style turkey with lemongrass and coconut 
Via: Feasting at Home

7. Turkey taco lettuce wraps

Oh, hey, super virtuous. Chop your birds into this Mexican-spiced riot, secure in a lettuce leaf and feel all kinds of smug.

Turkey taco lettuce wraps
Via: Cooking Classy

8. Turkey tikka masala with coriander and lime basmati 

Authentic? Not exactly. But, sometimes, the gentle flavours of tikka masala are just what you fancy – not to mention an easy way to finish up any shredded turkey breast. 

Turkey tikka masala with coriander and lime basmati 
Via: The Delicious Cook

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