Festive Leftover Sandwiches for every occasion this Christmas

Posted by Daisy Buchanan on 12 December 2016

Christmas is a time of joy and drama, and for every moment of festive fun there will be at least one fight, flop or freak out. But with a fridge full of leftovers and a loaf of bread, you can take on everyone and anything. Here’s how to make sure your Christmas dinner keeps working for you up until the New Year.

The Soothing Sandwich

Have you had one too many bafflingly passive aggressive chats about unwanted gifts and receipts? Have your family used all the hot water, leaving you without access to the shower until 2015? You need this turkey sandwich. Add a little cranberry sauce for elevation, some cream cheese and a handful of greenery (we love rocket, watercress or spinach). A seeded loaf might make you feel more wholesome, but then, there’s nothing more comforting than crusty white bread…

Turkey sandwich
Via: Creative Culinary

The Morning After Sandwich

If you’ve been knocking back the nog, or waking up every morning 'blaming it on the Baileys', you’re going to need this special sandwich to sort you out. Carve some Christmas gammon and serve it on brown bread with mustard and pickles - anything that tastes slightly sour and sharp will wake you up. Didn’t order a Christmas ham? Simply deconstruct some pigs in blankets. 

Christmas gammon sandwich with mustard and pickles
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The Gourmet Emergency Guest Sandwich

Unexpected guests are as big a part of Christmas as a screening of The Snowman - but their presence shouldn’t make you cry. You can find everything you need to make something spectacular and delicious, as long as you’re prepared to rummage in the very back of the fridge. The runny brie doesn’t just go with crackers - spread some onto a French stick (or any bread you have to hand) and top with sliced grapes. (And you thought you only filled that fruit bowl for ornamental reasons!) If you’re feeling fancy, add any exotic condiments from the hamper that distant relative always send you. Your surprise guests will never suspect they’re eating leftovers once you’ve added a blob of caviar to this crostini masterpiece

Via: Ambitious Kitchen

The Fresh, Festive Sandwich

Come 29 December, you’ll start to feel like the last time you saw a vitamin was probably on the television. You’ve eaten every Rose, Celebration and Quality Street in the house - even the long blue ones that you normally avoid without question even though you don't know why. Your family is running a sweepstake on what you’ll get first, rickets or gout. The good news is that your house is still full of vegetables, and you’ll feel a lot better if you eat some. Starchy vegetables make a surprisingly delicious sarnie, so pile on the sweet potato, beetroot and parsnip. Add some green for colour - or you’ve probably got some spinach or broccoli somewhere. The best way to eat this vegan sandwich is in a tortilla wrap, because you’re delivering yourself a parcel of wellbeing, like the Father Christmas of food. 

Vegan sandwich in a tortilla wrap
Via: Roots N Greens

The New Year's Eve Booze Buster 

You can just about face one last big beano before resigning yourself to a life - well, a month - of carrot sticks and abstinence. But how best to prepare for the booziest night of the year? You’ll need a super-charged sandwich, that's what. Now is the time to double down on your meats - gammon and turkey and even cocktail sausages will help you ready yourself for the night ahead. Get some pickle in there, and even some cranberry sauce. You can make this in the traditional way, with sliced bread, or if you’re feeling inventive, fill a pitta. Wolf that down, feel smug, and you're ready to party your way into the New Year!

Via: Fine Dining Lovers

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