Cooked too much pasta? Make a cheesy frittata

Posted by Ella Buchan on 26 August 2016


It’s easy to cook too much spaghetti, but there’s no need to chuck the leftovers in the bin.

Pasta in a tomato sauce will keep for two days in the fridge, so you can toss it with cherry tomatoes and spinach for a lunchtime salad.

It can also be repurposed into a delicious supper frittata. Simply whisk up eggs with grated cheese (any will do) and seasoning, mix with the pasta and tip into a frying pan.

Got some slices of salami, chorizo or bacon to use up? Crisp these up in the pan too. You can also throw sliced mushrooms, tomatoes and herbs into the mix.

So don’t fritter away that leftover pasta - throw it into this tasty frittata instead...