Cheesy does it: Try our ‘fromage fort’ recipe

Posted by Ella Buchan on 28 November 2016


It isn’t just mice who love to stockpile cheese. With the temptation to try lots of different varieties, the fridge can soon become stuffed full of fromage.

And, once the packets are open, eating it all up before it’s past its best can sometimes be a struggle.

The equivalent of 3.3 million slices of cheese are thrown away every day in UK homes according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Make use of resealable packaging to keep cheese fresh for longer, and wrap any loose blocks in clingfilm.

Hard cheeses can be frozen - try grating parmesan and freezing in an airtight plastic container, ready to sprinkle on pasta or add to sauces. Even rinds can be saved and frozen. Simmer into a rich stock, perfect for risotto, or drop in stews, sauces and soups to thicken and add depth of flavour.

Find lots more ideas in our article on leftover cheese.

This strong cheese or ‘fromage fort’ dip makes delicious use of leftover cheese. Chop up some crudités, spread directly on bread or crackers, bubble under the grill for cheese on toast with a twist - or top with sautéed mushrooms. 

With handfuls of chopped parsley, thyme, rosemary and chives, it’s a great recipe for using up all those last bits of herbs wilting in the fridge, too.

Watch our video for the recipe:

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