Brussels sprouts, like you've never seen them before

Posted by Lily Garvey on 12 December 2016

Sprouts. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're part of Christmas. As lovers of the tiny green cabbages we want to change the minds of the haters. Open your hearts and your minds and let us help you love these little green gems.

Creamy cheddar soup

On a cold winter's night what better way to warm up than with this chowder-like soup? It's the perfect use for leftover sprouts or that bargain bag you'll pick up at the supermarket. It's a doddle to make, will help you through your Xmas comedown and is a surprisingly low calorie option, too.

Creamy cheddar soup with brussels
Photo: Martin Poole/Sainsbury's


As previously discussed, sprouts are tiny cabbages. So if you like coleslaw you're going to dig sproutslaw (you heard that here first.) Chop sprouts finely and mix in with this purple slaw recipe, or if you don't fancy the mayo try Branappetit's version with pecans and Dijon dressing. What better way to jazz up your Christmas cold cuts?

Purple slaw
Via: Sainsbury's

Cheesy tortilla dip

Bet you never thought of this one! That's right, sprouts, cheese and crisps – a holy trinity you'd never imagine would work. To be fair cheese does make everything better. This cheesy dip from the Minimalist Baker features plenty of sour cream, cheese and parmesan. Yum.

Cheesy tortilla dip
Via: Minimalist Baker

Crispy fried Brussels with chilli sauce

My oh my, aren't things better when they are fried? The sprout loves to be glazed in honey and submerged in hot oil until crispy. Asian-style sprouts are sublime too. White On Rice's Diane make her fried Brussels with a delicious chilli fish sauce, but standard siracha ketchup works just as well.

Crispy fried Brussels with chilli sauce
Via: White on Rice

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