Beauty saviours that can be made from leftovers and scraps

Posted by Sainsbury's on 1 March 2017

Hey, good looking - what you got cooking? How about cooking these beauty treatments up for free?

Give yourself a glow and save money into the bargain with these clever beauty tricks - all using food and scraps that might otherwise end up in the bin.

As with anything you use on your skin, it’s best to do a 24 hour skin patch test to be sure you’re not sensitive to any of the foods we suggest below. Here’s how commonly wasted produce could make you even more beautiful...


When life (or, perhaps more likely, over-shopping) gives you lemons, be happy - because these little yellow ovals have so many more uses than garnishing your G&T.

Keep squeezed lemon halves and use as a natural toner, gently running over skin and rinsing off after around 10 minutes.

The peel can even be used as a stain remover for clothes - rub over the affected area and leave overnight before washing. Or swipe peel over hands, leave a few minutes and rinse for perfectly clean paws.

This lemon and rosemary hand scrub by Premeditated Leftovers also makes a pretty homemade gift and is a fab way to use up leftover lemons and herbs.



Cooled, used teabags make effective facial toners - simply wipe gently over skin.

Or chill brewed tea (black, green, herbal and rooibos all work) for a homemade toner. Bottled, it will keep in the fridge for a week or so. Apply with cotton wool pads.

You can also freeze the brewed tea in ice-cube trays and pop one out whenever your skin needs a refresher. Melt and use as above, or gently rub the cube over your face to de-puff and tighten pores.

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Those squishy, overripe toms are packed with an antioxidant called lycopene which can soothe irritated, sunburnt skin.

If you don’t need them just yet, stick them in the freezer rather than binning them. They can be blended into a cooling paste that’ll be gorgeously refreshing on a hot day.

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Got a neglected avocado half browning in the fridge? Mash and spread on skin, leaving for 15 minutes before rinsing off - the natural oils will soften and moisturise.

It also works as a natural conditioner for hair, treats hard-working hands or can be made into this impressive homemade soap.

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Flat beer

Massaging in a little leftover hoppy brew after shampooing gives hair a brilliant shine. Give it a good rinse afterwards so you don’t smell like a brewery.

Flat beer
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Before you throw that slightly iffy yog in the bin, think about smothering it on your face. Thick, plain yogurt makes a nourishing face mask on its own or blended with avocado, banana or healing honey.

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This cool customer has long been synonymous with spa treatments thanks to its soothing, de-puffing qualities.

If your cucumber is starting to look a little limp, save it from the bin by using slices to revive tired eyes, or rub over skin as a simple toner.

Or use the rest of that cucumber that’s turning mushy in the fridge to make this refreshing, hydrating sugar scrub.

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How’s this for frugal? Take the last, uneaten scoops of your morning porridge into the shower for a gentle, nourishing face wash - great for soothing irritated skin and a glowing complexion.

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Coffee grounds

Don’t chuck out those used coffee grounds - their beauty uses are invaluable.

Mix with a little water to make a coarse paste, gently press under eyes (being careful not to get any in your peepers) and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off to reveal fresher, brighter eyes.

For a DIY body scrub which is thought to help reduce cellulite, mix with a little olive or coconut oil. Or massage grounds into hair before shampooing to remove build-up of product. Great for a once-a-week deep cleanse.

Coffee grounds
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Mashed up, overripe bananas make a wonderfully hydrating face mask. Try this super-nourishing recipe, also using avocado and olive oil, by Freebie Finding Mom.

Keep any leftover mask in the freezer with a squeeze of lemon or orange juice to keep it from browning.

Or, mash brown bananas with oats for a gentle exfoliator you can use on face and body.

Banana peel contains high levels of magnesium and potassium - natural teeth whiteners. Gently rub a small section to gently buff the surface of your gnashers. Two minutes a day should make a difference.

Mashed banana
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