8 ways eggs can rescue your leftovers

Posted by Sainsbury's on 4 April 2017


The humble egg is one of our most versatile foods, so it stands to reason it would be a huge hero when it comes to using up leftovers too.

From pasta sauces to cooked veggies, an egg or three will transform last night’s dinner into a totally different dish.

And, if you bought dozens of eggs for Easter decorating and have loads still sitting in the fridge, even better. 

Time to get cracking with these tasty ideas...

Everything omelette

Because, frankly, pretty much everything works in an omelette, from a couple of spoonfuls of reheated ratatouille to spring greens and mushroom risotto. Even a little leftover salad, which can be folded inside just before serving. Got handfuls of herbs that need using up? Chop and chuck them in, for a quick, easy meal.

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Classic carbonara

Made too much spaghetti for your bol? Don’t bin it. Toss with olive oil and keep in the fridge, ready to use for a carbonara. All you need is a couple of egg yolks and some chopped ham, crumbled crispy bacon or mushrooms sautéed with garlic. Or grate in the last of that cheese and throw in some extra veg like in this recipe.

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Soup things up

Take the last of your soup, reheat on the hob and slide in an egg or two to gently poach. Especially delicious with noodle-based soups and Asian flavours, but it will work equally well in creamy soups and liquidy stews.

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Beautiful baked eggs

Tomatoey pasta sauces, stews and casseroles are all ideal candidates for making shakshuka, or baked eggs. You can bulk out with extra tinned tomatoes, veg and cooked cold meats before cracking eggs into wells and baking until set. The ultimate brunch treat. You could use leftover lentil stew as a base for a green shakshuka recipe.

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Tortilla time

Leftover roast veggies, stir-fry or boiled potatoes can be mixed with whisked eggs and cooked into a tortilla or frittata. And you can take any leftover slices for lunch the next day. 

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Eggs in avos

Avocado half browning in the fridge? Scoop out some of the flesh, crack in an egg, season and bake for around 15 minutes. A supremely easy yet sublime breakfast. Don’t forget to mash up the avo you scooped out, too, and serve on the side.

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Egg-fried rice

How to turn leftover rice or other grainy dishes into something new and super-tasty? Reheat in a frying pan with a little oil and any extra veggies you fancy, then stir through some scrambled eggs.

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Scramble it up

Small amounts of leftovers like roast veg, taco fillings or even pizza toppings can be stirred through scrambled eggs for a super-quick meal.

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