8 tasty winter treats you couldn’t make without the freezer

Posted by Sainsbury's on 24 January 2016

Cherry pie

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these taste bud-tingling treats.

Take your mind off the dank, dark and dreary weather with these palate-pleasing sweet dishes utilising the freezer for maximum convenience and flavour.

1. Raspberry ripple milkshake

Impress friends and family with this creamy vanilla-flavoured milkshake sweetened with honey, apple juice and raspberries for that clever ripple effect. It’s ready to serve in just 10 minutes too. Perfect.  See recipe for Raspberry ripple milkshake.

Raspberry ripple milkshake
Via: Homemade

2. Apple and blueberry crumble

Who says we can’t have blueberries in the winter? Thanks to frozen blueberries, we can.  There are few things more comforting than a crumble on a cold winter’s night. And this classic combination with a handful of rolled oats added to the crumble mix for added crunch is no exception. See recipe for Apple and blueberry crumble.

Apple and blueberry crumble
Via: Homemade

3. Forest fruits smoothie

This super smoothie, made with frozen black forest fruits, is not only a delicious way to start your day, it also helps you on your way to five-a-day. See recipe for Forest fruits smoothie.

Forrest fruits smoothie
Via: Homemade

4.  Yogurt buttons

Requiring just two ingredients, these cute pastel-hued yogurt buttons with a slice of fresh strawberry on top are easy-peasy to make and provide a healthy sweet treat for the kids too. Just whip ‘em up and store in the freezer for a quick and easy treat. Excellent. See recipe for Yogurt buttons.

Yogurt buttons with strawberries
Via: Homemade

5. Frozen raspberry trifle terrine

This genius take on a trifle incorporates all the traditional ingredients, but can be prepared up to two weeks in advance and frozen. Just remove from the freezer half an hour before serving and add a sprinkling of chopped praline and fresh berries. Simple and scrummy. See recipe for Frozen raspberry trifle terrine.

Frozen raspberry trifle terrine
Via: Homemade

6. Honey and almond frozen yogurt 

Divine yet not decadent, this scrumptious alternative to ice cream tastes great on its own and works well as a contrasting cold accompaniment to warm fruit pies, puddings and crumbles during cooler weather too. Delish. See recipe for Honey and almond frozen yogurt.

Honey and almond frozen yogurt 
Via: Homemade

7. Super easy cherry lattice pie 

This lattice-topped pie with cherry and ground almond filling looks dead impressive but is a doddle to make, especially as the pastry and cherries come straight from the freezer. Serve with warm custard or vanilla ice cream for a wonderfully tart and tasty end to a wintry meal. See recipe for Super easy cherry lattice pie.

Cherry lattice pie
Via: Homemade

8. Lemon curd and raspberry ice cream

Give your tastebuds a flavour of summertime with this Eton Mess-inspired ice cream concoction with a cheeky lemon zesty twist. Who said ice cream should only be consumed when the sun’s shining? Not us. See recipe for Lemon curd and raspberry ice cream.

Lemon curd and raspberry ice cream
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