8 delicious winter salads to use up your leftovers

Posted by Ella Buchan on 23 November 2016

As the weather cools, bellies need steaming bowls of soup, comforting casseroles and stews.

But don’t toss the salad out along with your summer wardrobe. With a little extra substance and warming elements like roasted veg, those bowls of goodness can easily make the transition to winter.

They’re great for using up leftovers, too. Here are some delicious winter salad ideas to try...

Just peachy

Use last night’s baked or roasted sweet potatoes for this substantial supper salad. The grilled peach adds a little burst of sunshine to warm you up.

Roast sweet potato and peach salad
Via: Drool-Worthy

Jazz up grains

Revive leftover grains like quinoa or bulgar wheat with roasted butternut squash, grilling up any veg lurking in the fridge. Chop up those last herb leaves to pack in even more flavour. The pomegranate in this recipe makes it so pretty, too.

Quinoa with roasted butternut squash
Via: One Sweet Mess

See a rainbow

The vibrant colours in this crunchy concoction should brighten up the greyest of days. Throw in any last bits of cabbage, kale and spinach along with those nuts and seeds at the back of the cupboard.

Rainbow salad
Via: The Little Plantation

Crunch time

Always buy a bag of apples but fail to crunch your way through them all? Rather than leave them forgotten at the back of the fridge, slice them into this refreshing winter salad.

Apple salad
Via: Forest and Fauna

Florets with a flourish

Cauliflower leftover from last night’s supper can be revived by caramelising in the pan, for this warm salad.

Cauliflower salad

Bring on the Brussels

A toasty salad is the perfect way to use up those festive sprouts - but we all know Brussels are no longer just for Christmas.

Brussel salad
Via: Food52

Beet it

Flake leftover salmon into this jewel-coloured salad with beetroot and rocket. Scrapes of horseradish and crème fraîche go into the dressing as well.

Beetroot salad
Via: Homemade

Burger without the bun

Need some real comfort food? Crumble up leftover beef burgers and bacon into this indulgent bowl. You could add leftover grains, greens and chopped up pickles, too.

Burger without the bun salad
Via: Buns In My Oven

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