7 things you didn't know you could do with gingerbread

Posted by Isobel King on 8 December 2016

If you’re fed up with the usual gingerbread loaf (superb though it is all sliced and buttered up), try some of these more wacky gingerbread ideas. They’ll definitely give the gingerbread man a run for his money!


Florence Knight gives the humble crouton a gingerbread makeover in this chicory, orange and gingerbread salad. We stand converted.

Chicory, orange and gingerbread salad
Photo: Dan Jones/Sainsbury's


Or, how about a gingerbread cheesecake? Admittedly your attempt may not look quite this good, but with a base made from crumbled gingerbread cake topped with spiced cream cheese, the idea is definitely a good one.

Gingerbread cheesecake
Via: That Winsome Girl


Use traditional gingerbread spices to make a luscious gingerbread syrup – the secret ingredient in this now not-so-secret gingerbread hot chocolate. 

Gingerbread syrup
Via: Bakingdom.com

Better than a biscuit

And if you've already been-there-and-done-it with a gingerbread house, try this architectural challenge. It fits beautifully on the side of your favourite mug: perfect if you’re not a dunker, but a bit tricky if you are.

Mini gingerbread house on the side of a mug
Via: Notmartha.org

Bath time

If you love gingerbread that much you can exfoliate with it in the shower. You'll be smooth-skinned and smelling of gingerbread, too. Unbelievable.

Gingerbread exfoliator
Via: mommymusings.com


So we know this isn't officially leftover gingerbread, but if you've got any leftover gingerbread spices hiding in your cupboard we can't think of a better way to use them than these gingerbread pancakes. Just don't blame us when you're so excited for breakfast that you can't sleep...


Gingerbread pancakes
Via: averiecooks.com

Gingerbread Village

Got way way too much time on your hands? Then take gingerbread craziness to a whole new level and bake a whole village, complete with people, cars and a dog. Because let’s face it, that darned house last year (that took three days to make and then collapsed) just wasn’t hard enough ...

Gingerbread Village
Shutterstock via: Poznyakov

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