7 super sandwiches you can make from leftovers

Posted by Sainsbury's on 13 March 2017

Leftovers make great lunches - you knew that already. But if you’re stuck in a rut of roast chicken and mayo one day, tuna salad the next, let us fill you in.

There are so many ways to use your loaf - and your wrap or pitta, for that matter.

We’re talking next-level sandwiches, filled with everything from roast veggies to meatballs. Even cold chicken goujons or crispy coated fish fingers will be a welcome twist on the usual cheese and pickle.

These lunchtime heroes will rescue last night’s leftovers AND save you a little lunch money...


Spaghetti and meatballs for tea? Use leftovers to fill a hotdog bun or pitta. It’s delicious cold. Simply take the meatballs and a little sauce in a plastic tub, ready to spoon onto the roll at lunchtime. No soggy bread.

Trying this at home? Sprinkle on a little cheese and melt under the grill.

Meatballs in a hotdog bun
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Leftover stir-fry or fajita filling is delicious folded up in a flatbread and eaten cold. Throw in any extra salad and maybe a scrape of pesto if you have some sitting in the fridge.

Stir-fry fajita
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Sausage sarnies aren’t just for breakfast. Use any cold, cooked bangers to make a version of this yummy ciabatta roll, bursting with sunny Mediterranean flavours.

Sausage sarnie
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We’re not just talking a few leaves here (although, if you do have a little green salad that needs using up you can use it to add layers to pretty much any sarnie). Big, hearty dinner salads make satisfying sandwich fillings with no need for added extras.

Anything grain-based and/or with beans is lovely tucked up in a tortilla wrap, while a bright and bold Greek salad works well in pittas. Make a thick, creamy dressing and spread a little on the bread in place of butter.

Dinner salad
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Tinned tuna is a sandwich staple, so why not try the rest of that grilled fish you have leftover from dinner? It’s delicious flaked up with some salad and a little pesto or mayo.

Leftover grilled or sautéed prawns are also lovely in ciabatta, maybe with some avocado. Or save some filling from these zingy tacos to stuff in your sandwich.

Just make sure you use any cooked seafood the next day, keeping refrigerated until ready to eat - and don’t reheat.

Seafood fajita
Via: Sainsbury’s

Grilled veggies

Pack a flavour punch into your packed lunch with some leftover grilled veg. Peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes are delicious spooned into ciabatta.

Layer in a sandwich with any combo of cheese, cold meats and crispy salad. If you’re making lunch for the whole family, try this fab picnic loaf.

Picnic loaf
Via: Sainsbury’s

Chicken tikka

Whether your leftovers are from a takeaway or home-cooked meal, any drier curries make excellent sandwich fillers.

If there happens to be a little sauce it will add to the flavour. Simply spoon out the meat, veggies or paneer and drain off a little so the bread doesn’t get too soggy. Lining your pitta pockets, tortilla wraps or sliced bread with lettuce will ‘waterproof’ it, too.

Chicken wrap
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