12 things you never knew you could do with leftover Easter Eggs

Posted by Sainsbury's on 28 March 2016

Easter Egg Ice Cream Sandwich

Leftover Easter egg cookies

Make leftover egg chocolate last longer with these super tasty cookies studded with tasty ‘egg-y’ morsels. Store them in the freezer to eat as you please.

Leftover Easter egg cookies
Credit: gggiraffe.blogspot.co.uk

Mini egg rocky road riot

Pull together broken Easter egg scraps - a handful of leftover Mini Eggs and plenty of fluffy marshmallows and you’ve got a stunning confection that looks as good as anything shop bought and new.

Mini egg rocky road riot
Credit: The Goddess Kitchen

Easter nest cornflake cakes

Make the joy of Easter last for longer by combining the dregs from your cereal cupboard with any leftover chocolate eggs. Perfect bite-size lunchbox treats and made at a snip of the price you’d pay in a shop.

Easter nest cornflake cupcakes
Credit: Thoroughly English

Chocolate overload cake

We were sold at ‘chocolate overload’. No need to buy fancy cocoa when you can save pennies by scooping up any Easter remains, tumbling in a slow cooker and baking up something magic.

Chocolate overload cake with topped with Easter sweet leftovers
Credit: Baking Queen

Easter egg bark

Make something shiny and new out of the crumbling Easter egg pile. A few shards wrapped in ribbon would even make a great (and cheap) homemade gift too, should you happen to have any birthdays coming up.

Easter egg bark
Credit: Life With The Crust Off

Easter bunny bait

Transform seasonal broken bits and bobs into something brilliant and devilishly tempting/

Easter bunny bait
Credit: A Bajillian Recipes

Easter showstopper cake

Impress your guests with this dazzling bake. ‘Borrow’ the chocolate bits from the kids stash, there’ll be few complaints once they spy a slice or three of this coming their way.

Cake topped with sweet Easter eggs
Credit: Scarlet Scorch Droppers

Easter egg sandwich

At its heart this is basically ice cream mixed with broken Easter Eggs, which seems like a damn fine way to make any broken shards go further in our book.

Easter egg sandwich with ice cream
Credit: Theo The Crumb

Ultimate hot chocolate

No need to fork out on fancy hot chocolate powder when you have hunks of unwanted Easter egg hanging around. Melt down, stir with warmed cream, put your feet up and indulge.

Hot chocolate with Easter eggs and marshmallows
Credit: So Sue Me

Hot cross bread and chocolate pudding

Kill two birds with one stone by using up stale hot cross buns and any leftover Easter eggs in this delicious take on a traditional bread and butter pudding.

Hot cross bread and chocolate pudding
Credit: Savour and Save

Easter egg brownies

Brownies freeze brilliantly, making them a great idea for extending the life of an Easter egg. Bring them out at parties or pack them in lunchboxes. Sure to keep the kids (and grown-ups) happy.

Brownies in an Easter egg
Credit: Nuts About Food Italy

Creme Egg milkshake

There are only so many Creme Eggs you want the little ones eating in one go. So why not snaffle some away and pop them in the freezer ready to bring out and blitz into an indulgent milkshake at the next special occasion.

Creme Egg milkshake
Credit: Call Me Fudge