12 things you never knew you could do with cereal

Posted by Ella Buchan on 6 May 2016


Who doesn’t have cereal boxes with a couple of handfuls left in the bottom?

There’s not quite enough for a bowl, it’s a bit crumbly - and yet you can’t quite bring yourself to throw it away.

Well - don’t! Try these amazing ideas for using up those leftover bits of breakfast cereal instead...

Crisp your chicken

Crush up unsweetened cereal and use as a crumb coating for chicken. First coat with egg, then roll in the crumbled cereal and bake in the oven.

Cereal crumb coated chicken pieces
Shutterstock: Brent Hofacker

Make energy bites

These little nuggets of energy will use up the last shakes of your cereal boxes and all those random bits of dried fruit, nuts and seeds in your cupboards. Just brilliant.

Cereal energy bites
Devour and Conquer

Broken cereal cakes

Mix all your bottom-of-the-box bits (cornflakes, puffed rice, sugar puffs) in a bowl with melted chocolate.

Then spoon into cupcake cases or pour into a tray to set into imperfect but still very tasty little treats. Crumblier cereal and, therefore, fewer sharp edges means they’re kinder to small mouths, too.

Or try this recipe for chocolate peanut butter bars with Rice Krispies.

Chocolate peanut butter bars with Rice Krispies
Lovely Little Kitchen

Use as a cheesecake base

Crumble up and mix with melted butter as a substitute for a biscuit base. Add a little sugar if needed.

Cheesecake with cereal base
Shutterstock: FreelySky

Make a bhel puri

This popular Indian street food snack is made from puffed rice, vegetables and tangy tamarind sauce. A different way to use up the last of the snap, crackle and pop.

Bhel puri
Archana’s Kitchen

Add crunch to casseroles

Broken cornflakes can be sprinkled on top of a casserole, macaroni cheese or pasta bake to add bite. Probably best not to used frosted or crunchy nut varieties, though...

Casserole with cereal crunch
Shutterstock: Anatolii Riepin

Top your milkshake

Coco Pops with banana, cornflakes in vanilla, Rice Krispies stirred into strawberry... Cereal adds a satisfying crunchy texture to your shake.

Great for bulking out a breakfast smoothie, too.

Milkshakes with cereal crunch
Shutterstock: Dudits

Make ‘mystery’ cereal

Simply pour all those last bits into an airtight plastic container and shake, to create a whole new cereal. An ingenious way to empty those boxes that don’t contain quite enough for a bowlful - and then it’s on hand when everything else runs out.

Bowls of mixed cereal
Shutterstock: Jiri Hera

Cereal powder

Keep the sugar/powdery residue from the bottom of the box and use to roll your raisins in. Great for stopping them from sticking in your lunch box, or in a baking recipe.

Raisins in cereal powder

Cereal crumb muffins

Just as oats work beautifully in muffins, so do any crumbling bits of cereal. Simply mix in to any recipe and bake as normal.

Or try these Golden Graham cupcakes, using powdered cereal.

Your Cup of Cake

Slow cooker chex mix

Throw leftover cereal and pretzels in a slow cooker with melted butter, Worcestershire sauce and spices. Cook high, uncovered, for two hours then spread on a baking tray to cool.

A great, economical snack for lunch boxes or just slumping in front of the telly.

Slow cooker chex mix
The Midnight Baker

Stir into a yogurt sundae

Make a healthy ‘sundae’ with yogurt, fresh or frozen berries and any cereal you have leftover. Make it prettier by layering the yogurt, berries and crunch.

Stir into a yogurt sundae with cereal
Shutterstock: mongione

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