12 things you didn’t know you could do with turnip

Posted by Ella Buchan on 14 December 2016

Why should sweet potatoes, pumpkin and squash get all the attention? Try these recipes and you’ll never underestimate turnips again...

Fries with that?

Yep, turnips make incredibly tasty chips. Trust us - you’ll be addicted.

Turnip chips
Via: Be the happy soul


These gloriously green turnip burgers will brighten up supper time.

Turnip burger
Food52.com via: Alexandra Stafford

Perfect pancakes

These griddle cakes with a turnip twist make an unusual side dish with supper, or a delicious light lunch with a dollop of sour cream.

Turnip pancakes
Via: One Perfect Bite

Get in a pickle

Who’d have thought a turnip could look so pretty? This Middle Eastern classic, pickled turnips, is delicious with falafel, to add spicy crunch to sandwiches or as an accompaniment to roast chicken.

Pickled turnips
Via: Dinner, then Dessert

Souper star

Turnip is the main attraction of this silky soup, with subtle flavours of cinnamon and apple.

Turnip soup
Via: Turnip the Oven

Go au gratin

Turnips make a spicy, peppery alternative to potatoes in a gratin or dauphinoise. Try this beautiful beetroot and turnip recipe.

Beetroot and turnip au-gratin
Via: Kitchen Konfidence

Layer cake

This appealing skillet of herb-roasted sweet potato and turnip makes an impressive side dish or light supper with a crisp salad.

Herb-roasted sweet potato and turnip layer cake
Via: Jessi’s Kitchen

Mash them

Add a peppery spice to plain mashed potato by adding turnip - for extra goodness.

Turnip mash
Via: Fashionable Foods


Mix turnip with other root veggies for this filling hash that’s lovely for weekend brunch - especially topped with an egg or two.

Turnip mixed with root veggies
Via: Naturally Ella

Salad ways

Grated raw turnip, packed with vitamin C, peps up this refreshing salad.

Turnip and carrot salad
Via: Mariaushakova.com

Use your noodles

How amazing are these turnip noodles? Turn the root veg into a flavour-packed alternative to spaghetti or rice noodles.

Turnip noodles
Via: My Life Cookbook

And dim sum...

Lo Bak Go, or dim sum turnip cake, is a classic dish in China - and very delicious.

Via: The Woks of LIfe

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