12 things you didn't know you could do with overripe bananas

Posted by Ella Buchan on 9 May 2016


Bananas: who doesn’t love ‘em? Wholesome, delicious and easy to eat on the go, it’s no wonder they’re a beloved breakfast staple and any time-of-day snack. They’re just as tasty when overripe – a classic ingredient to bake into muffins and puddings.

Looking for some more creative ways to enjoy ripe bananas? Here are 12 delicious ones to try…

Spread on crumpets

Or on muffins, fruit loaf or toast, for that matter. Sweet, overripe banana is a great alternative to butter – add sweet or savoury extras such as jam or cheese.

Try this recipe for Banana Jam Crumpets.

Crumpets with jam

Instant ice cream

Well, almost instant. You have to freeze (yes, freeze) the peeled bananas first, then just whizz in a blender. Add a little milk, if you like - coconut works beautifully. Holiday in a bowl.

Ice cream made out of bananas
One Ingredient Chef

Make vegan cakes

Banana works as a binding agent in cakes and biscuits, so there’s no need to use egg. Makes gloriously gooey brownies, too.

Vegan chocolate cake
Fuss Free Cooking

Use your loaf

Banana bread is a classic that can equally be served with ice cream as a dessert or as breakfast on the go. The best news? The riper the bananas, the more beautifully moist the bread.

Banana bread
Butter & Brioche

Roast them

Top with cinnamon, syrup, berries, coconut, chocolate buttons - whatever you fancy. Then either roast on a tray or wrapped up in foil. A gooey, creamy, sweet delight.

Roasted banana halves
A Balanced Belly

Ready-made breakfast

Mix raw oats, thick yoghurt, milk, chopped banana and seeds (chia, sesame, etc) and leave in the fridge overnight.

You can also add berries or grated apple to this pre-prepared brekkie.

Overnight oats with fruit toppings and nuts


Don’t fritter away your uneaten fruit. Turn it into fritters, instead. These delicious morsels will make you happy you let those bananas get a bit too brown...

Banana fritters with dip
Immaculate Bites

Banana chips

A homemade snack that uses up the bunch AND has less sugar than shop-bought versions? Banana chips, made with just the fruit and a squeeze of lemon, are winners all round.

Banana chips
Naturally Ella

Make guacamole

Yep, that’s right - ripe bananas mash up beautifully with avocados to bulk out your dip while adding a hint of sweetness. Not only is it cheaper, but rich in potassium, too.

Banana guacamole
The Rustic Willow


Mix mashed banana into your batter for fluffy, naturally sweet pancakes - or top regular pancakes with slices of soft banana and drizzle with honey. Perfect weekend brunch fodder.

Banana pancakes
Unsplash/Elli O.

Jazz up your roast

Adding a peeled, ripe banana to the meat tray will give a rich sweetness to your roast dinner, for a tasty change.

Meat tray

French toast sandwich

Crisp on the outside, gooey in the centre, bursting with creamy sweetness - yes please!

French toast sandwich with banana
Sugar and Charm

Main image credit: Capture Collect


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