12 things you didn’t know you could do with lemons

Posted by Sainsbury's on 28 March 2017

Those juicy yellow ovals can lift pretty much any sweet or savoury dish, adding a refreshing zing.

Keep them as fresh as possible in a loosely tied plastic bag in the fridge, then bring back to room temperature a little before use.

Of course you can chop into slices or wedges and freeze, ready to drop into chilled drinks or black tea. If you’ve squeezed out the juice, you can even freeze the remaining skins - they’re actually easier to zest from frozen.

Here are some more zesty ideas...

Preserve them

Preserved lemons are delectable in Moroccan dishes, served with fish, roast meats, grains... Trust us - you’ll soon be addicted. And, as they’ll keep in the fridge for up to six months, it’s a fab way of storing a load of lemons.

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Smoothie operator

This refreshing lemon smoothie, sweetened with honey, should help you get going in the morning.

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Make this delicious casserole

Slices of lemon blend beautifully with chicken and potato for this 'sunshine in a pot' casserole. Comfort food with a citrus burst to get you in the mood for summer.

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Simple syrup

This citrus-infused syrup can be used to liven up cocktails, in hot drinks or just topped with still or sparkling water for an instant lemonade.

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Ice cubes

A fab way of saving lemons from the bin and these are ‘ice and a slice’ in one. They also use every bit of the lemons so no waste either. Perfect!

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Add zing to roasties

You’ve probably tried lemon with chicken - but lemon with potatoes? A burst of citrus brings these roast spuds to life.

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Make lemon ‘brownies’

OK, so they’re not brown. But these moist little lemony squares are inspired by their chocolate-y cousins - and just as delicious.

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Jazz up veg

A little lemon zest and/or juice will revive any greens, from sprouts and beans to curly kale.

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Easy ice-cream

Just three ingredients go into this no-churn ice cream, bursting with lovely fresh lemon flavour.

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Pasta perfection

A little lemon, garlic, olive oil and parmesan make a classic and beautifully simple pasta dish.

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Reinvent rice

Lemon zest and juice go into this fresh twist on rice, delicious enough to eat alone or as an accompaniment to meat or veggies.

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Lemon soup

Spinach and lemon balance beautifully in this sunny yet substantial soup. Perfect as the days get warmer (hopefully...)

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