12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover potatoes

Posted by Sainsbury's on 22 February 2017

With the equivalent of 5.8 million whole potatoes binned by UK households every day, potatoes are one of our most wasted foods, according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP). 

And they could have been used to make one of these spud-tastic recipes...

Soup, obvs

And it’s not just classic leek and potato - chunks of leftover boiled potato or spoons of mash can be cooked into pretty much any soup to thicken it. Because, unless it’s a fancy consomme, no one wants a watery soup. A little mash works wonders in stews and gravy, too.

Potato soup
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Gado gado

Throw leftover boiled new potatoes into this vivid rainbow salad. Yep - it really is a salad.

Gado gado
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Crisps with real a-peel

Prepping some spuds for mash or roasties? Wash first and keep the peel. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, chilli flakes and little olive oil and roast until crisp. The perfect snack while the rest of your dinner is cooking. Watch our video here

Potato peel crisps

Potato farls

This traditional Irish potato bread can be made with leftover mashed spuds. So versatile you can serve warm with butter and/or jam, or use to mop up curries and stews. Yum. 

Potato farls
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Mash ‘n’ freeze

If you buy a big bag of spuds, it’s easy to let a handful go to waste. Make extra mash with your bangers and freeze portions of the mash in sealable plastic bags. Thaw overnight in the fridge or heat gently in a saucepan, adding a little butter, milk or cream if they’re looking a little dry.

Freezable mashed potato
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Make ‘pizza’

Well, kind of. Use up baking potatoes, or warm through any leftover baked spuds, and top with peppers, tom sauce and milky mozzarella.

Baked potatoes
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Really make pizza

We mean it this time, honest! Mashed potato has long been used in pizza dough in southern Italy, while thinly sliced boiled spuds with cheese, herbs and olive oil is a classic topping. Did someone say double carbs? 

Via: Italianfoodforever.com

Aloo kofta gravy

Perfect patties bathing in a subtly spiced Indian sauce. Delish. You can also eat the kofta from this recipe alone, stuffed with minced meat, veggies or cheese.

Aloo kofta gravy
Via: vegrecipesofindia.com

Get in a bind

No breadcrumbs to bind your meatballs? Use leftover mash instead in recipes like this one for chilli cumin lamb meatballs. Same goes for beef and veggie burgers.

Chilli cumin lamb meatballs
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This rich Greek dip is loaded with potatoes - and garlic. This recipe uses leftover mash, while others use stale bread soaked in water. A bit of a food-saving hero all round, really.

Via: mygreekdish.com

Blend into brownies

Yes, really. A little mashed spud bulks out cakes and brownies, so you need less sugar and fat. The potato also gives this recipe a lovely fudgy texture.

Brownies with potato
Via: cookiemadness.net

Bake a cake

This chocolate mashed potato cake with tahini drizzle is another tempting example of how your leftover mash can create something very beautiful indeed.

Chocolate mashed potato cake
Via: veggiedesserts.co.uk

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