12 things you didn’t know you could do with … leftover pizza

Posted by Sainsbury's on 17 March 2017

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Yes, it does happen. Sometimes, no matter how hungry you think you are, ordering or cooking a whole extra-large pizza per person turns out to be a bit optimistic.

If you do get defeated by those last few cheesy slices, don’t worry - here are some genius ways to turn pizza into an entirely different meal...

Use as croutons

Cube pizza and press together, cheese side in, like little sandwiches. Toast in a frying pan, pressing down with a spatula until the cheese has fused together. Then sprinkle on soup or toss through salads.

Pizza croutons
Via: allsparkledup.com

Make pizza lasagne

Cut the crusts off leftover slices and use as the pasta layer in this lasagne, arranging face down over alternate layers of tomato sauce and topping with torn mozzarella. 

Pizza lasagne
Via: cookinwithsuperpickle.blogspot.co.uk

Jazz up scrambled eggs

Herby, cheesy pizza toppings will liven up plain scrambled eggs - simply stir through while cooking. You can use the pizza base to mop them up.

scrambled eggs
Shutterstock via: siamionau pavel

Waffle pockets

Got a waffle iron? Turn those cold slices into this gloriously indulgent snack.

Waffle pockets
J. Kenji López-Alt via: seriouseats.com

Dipping strips

Cut cold pizza into strips, heat and crisp up both sides in a frying pan and serve with sour cream or whatever dips you have in the fridge.

Pizza strips
Shutterstock via: Fanfo

Have a ‘pizz-wich’

Think of those slices as deliciously cheesy, tomato-ey bread and use to sandwich salad leaves, cold meat - even extra cheese, if you’re so inclined. Like it hot? Put some grated cheese between two pizza slices and heat in a panini maker or frying pan, like a quesadilla.

Via: bsugarmama.com

Easy omelette

Tear up pizza, mix with beaten eggs, grated cheese and a little milk and cook in a frying pan until fluffy, finishing under the grill. Breakfast sorted.

Easy omelette
Shutterstock via: DronG

Savoury bread pudding

Pizza soaked in eggs, milk and cheese before baking in the oven? Trust us, you’ll never be satisfied with cold leftover pizza again.

Savoury bread pudding
Via: teaspoonofspice.com

Potato cakes

These clever little cakes use the topping - mixed into the mashed potato filling - and the crust for the breadcrumb coating. Genius!

Potato cakes
Via: vegwithanedge.com

Crust crumb pasta

Leftover pizza crusts can be blended into breadcrumbs. Use a handful to make this simple pasta dish and freeze any extra in a sealable bag.

Crust crumb pasta
Ian Knauer via: takepart.com


Leftover pizza cubed and baked up in a quiche? Lunch just got a whole lot more exciting. You could also substitute leftover pizza for the pie crust, if you have enough. See this recipe at Tasty Kitchen

Shutterstock via: Stepanek Photography

Pizza kebobs

Cubes of cold pizza become a fun lunchbox treat or antipasto skewered up with cherry tomatoes, olives, cheese and cold meat.

Pizza kebobs
Shutterstock via: Kapustin Igor

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