12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover pastry

Posted by Ella Buchan on 25 July 2016


Bake homemade sausage rolls or transform a casserole or stew into a pie -frozen puff pastry is a versatile dream, perfect to have on hand for quick suppers and easy-peasy hors d’oeuvres.

Don’t waste those leftover scraps and sheets. Use them to whip up anything, from pizza to classic custard tarts.

Breakfast pastries

Keep some puff pastry in your freezer for weekend breakfast treats.

Simply roll out, spread with your chosen ‘filling’ - almond paste, apple sauce, a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar, Nutella or chocolate drops. Then roll up and cut into slices 3cm thick.

Bake until crisp. They’ll keep in a tin for a day or two, but are best devoured soft and warm from the oven.

Breakfast pastries

Nutty roly-poly

Butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and finely chopped nuts turn leftover pie dough into a seriously addictive sweet treat.

Nutty roly-poly
The Messy Baker


Roll your pastry out thin, sprinkle with cheese, salt and pepper, cut into squares and bake into crispy crackers, just crying out to be topped with pâté or pesto.

Crackers and cheese
Joe Pastry

Easy as pie

Use pastry scraps to top individual ramekins of baked fruit, for an easy pud. Or make ‘hollows’ in rounds of puff pastry, press in sliced apple and glaze with caramel for ready-to-bake mini tarte tatins.

Mini tarte tatins
Shutterstock via: sergo iv

Spicy pigs in blankets

Swaddle slices of chorizo in puff pastry for a Spanish twist on the classic cocktail bite.

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Pronounced ‘meel foy’ and meaning million layers, these light, airy treats are notoriously difficult to perfect.

Not so if you use baked rectangles of frozen puff or filo, layered with lemon curd or cream and fresh, juicy berries.

Oh, How Civilized

Cheat’s pizza

Top sheets of puff pastry with some tomato sauce, purée or passata, a sprinkling of grated cheese and whatever else you like.

Dinner in a flash and the kids can make their own! Make mini versions for a bite-size snack.

Puff pastry pizza
Plain Chicken

Portuguese custard tarts

A classic invented by Catholic monks in Lisbon - a simple version of pastéis de nata can be made with leftover puff pastry and a creamy egg custard. Bites of buttery deliciousness.

Portuguese custard tarts


Literally translated as matchsticks, these are a tasty French twist on cheese straws. You can use any leftover or frozen pastry and top with gruyère and parmesan, for a moreish treat.

They’ll keep in an airtight jar or tin for a couple of weeks, too.

Whisk Blog

Mini quiches

Gather any leftover scraps of shortcrust from that pie, roll out and line cupcake or Yorkshire pud tins, then fill with beaten egg, veg, ham etc. Top with cheese and bake.

Great for lunch boxes and easy snacks.

Mini quiches
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Take the biscuit

Shortcrust, puff or filo pastry can be turned into biscuits. Just add sugar, raisins, choc chips and/or nuts, kneading it in with shortcrust, layering with filo and sprinkling on top of puff. Then bake.

Use cheese for a savoury version.

Shutterstock via: Ivan Mateev

Make a tasty topper

Gather leftover pastry scraps, roll, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, then bake.

Crumbled up, it makes a delicious topping for ice cream, yogurt or fruit.

Ice cream
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