12 things you didn't know you could do with leftover coffee grinds

Posted by Ella Buchan on 16 August 2016


Those used coffee grounds could actually be more helpful that your morning pick-me-up. Try these 12 nifty tricks and you’ll never throw them out again.

Clean your cooker

And your tiles and worktops too, for that matter. Placed on a damp cloth, those grinds will help you scour away grease and grime.

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Wash your hands

Been chopping garlic, onions or chilli? Scoop up some coffee grounds, rub hands together and rinse. Smell? What smell?

Coffe as soap
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Unblock your sink

Pour coffee grounds, a little washing up liquid and then boiling water down the drain. Blockage gone!


Shutterstock via: Paul Michael Hughes

Perk up your brownies

Coffee grinds add a rich sophistication to your gooey bites.

Brownie with coffee grind
Billy Parisi

Tenderise your meat

Rub into beef or lamb before grilling or roasting for extra flavour, while the natural enzymes in the coffee help to tenderise the meat and seal in the natural juices.

Tendered meat
Food Faith Fitness

Shine your hair

Add a teaspoon of coffee grounds to your regular conditioner for softer, shinier hair.

Coffee grounds conditioner
Shutterstock via: Golovko Ivan

Turbo-charge your compost

Rich in nitrogen, coffee grounds boost bacteria to help other organic produce break down into compost.

Coffee compost
Shutterstock via: Elena Elisseeva

Grow your own

Meet your new best friend when it comes to the outdoors. Coffee grounds can be mixed with carrot seeds to deter pests and bugs, and are great for growing mushrooms.

Carrots with coffee grounds
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Dye your flowers

Mix coffee grounds with the soil of flowering plants like hydrangeas and, by reducing the pH level, your flowers will bloom a brighter hue.

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Fix your furniture

Got annoying scratches on your favourite dark-wood table or welsh dresser? Dip a cotton bud in used coffee grounds and dab on scratches to camouflage them.

Shutterstock via: Yuliya Evstratenko

Reduce cellulite

Mix grounds with coconut oil and massage on your wobbly bits. The combination of caffeine with the exfoliating effect will create a noticeable difference within a few weeks.

Shutterstock via: Aggie 11

Freshen up your fridge

A container of used coffee grounds will neutralise strong odours, like cut onions, for a more pleasant smelling fridge. Why not store them in here until you need them for any of the above? Win win.

Fridge full of veggies and fruits
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Main image via Shutterstock: Szymon Apanowicz


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