12 things you didn't know you could do with leftover biscuits

Posted by Ella Buchan on 3 August 2016


Recycled fridge cake

Throw any leftover biscuits, chocolate and Maltesers into this easy, no-bake treat. One for the kids to help out with.

Maltesers fridge cake
Sandhya’s Kitchen

Add crunch to ice cream

Crumble on your scoops or swirl into the base when making your own ice cream, for a satisfying sweet crunch.

Ice cream with with biscuits
Love from the Oven

Easy mini cheesecakes

Roughly crushed biccies can be layered in tumblers with fruit or lemon curd and topped with whipped cream, sugar and cream cheese for an instant dessert. Gingerbread biscuits work best with lemon.

Mini cheesecake in a jar
Pretty. Simple. Sweet.

Cookie crumb pie crust

Crush biscuits, combine with melted butter and press into a pie tin. Then fill with stewed fruit or use as the base for a zingy lemon tart.

Cookie crumb pie crust

Make croutons

Cut or break into cubes and sautee in a little butter. Delicious sprinkled on sundaes or stirred into yoghurt.

 Biscuit croutons with yoghurt
Shutterstock via: Yulia Davidovich

Line your baking tray

Crush biscuits to a fine, powdery texture and use in place of flour after greasing your tray or cake tin.

Baking tray
Shutterstock via: Olga Pink

Indulgent milkshake

Whizz up biscuits that have gone a little soft with ice cream and milk, for a luxurious ‘anti-smoothie’.

Shutterstock via: Brent Hofacker

Garnish your cocktail glass

Use biscuit crumbs in place of salt for chocolate or coffee martinis. For a non-alcoholic treat, do the same with your hot chocolate mug.

Creamy cocktail
Snappy Gourmet

Perk up your pud

Crumble biscuits over your pie or cake for extra texture and flavour.

Pie with crumbled biscuits
Shutterstock via: comeirrez


Just use broken biscuits in place of cake sponge for a twist on the traditional English classic.

Shutterstock via: Liliya Kandrashevich

Biscuit butter

Yep, you heard right. Blend crumbs with oil for a completely addictive spread. Spoons at the ready...

Biscuit butter
Shutterstock via: inewsfoto

Mix into cereal bites

Crumble any leftover biscuits into melted choc with Rice Krispies or Cornflakes, for extra-special treats.

Cereal bites
Shutterstock via: merc67

Main image via Shutterstock: Sergio33


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