12 things you didn't know you could do with grapes

Posted by Sainsbury's on 1 March 2017

You already know these juicy little berries are pretty miraculous. They make wine - enough said, really.

They also transform into plump raisins and do a wonderful job of balancing even the stinkiest cheese on the board, adding a pop of freshness.

But grapes are also highly perishable and don’t ripen after being picked, so can spoil quickly on the countertop or in a fruit bowl. Instead, keep in the fridge in a perforated plastic bag and don’t wash until ready to eat.

Here are some fab tips and recipes to keep your grapes from going to waste.

Freeze them

Frozen grapes make deliciously refreshing 'pop in your mouth' snacks, with a smooth texture a little like ice-cream. Eat straight from the freezer, or pop in soft drinks, cocktails or wine as ice cubes. Even red wine, if it's the chilling kind.

Frozen grapes
Shutterstock via: Nataly Studio

Roast them

Rescue slightly overripe red grapes by roasting on a tray. The jammy sweetness is lovely with cheese, or scattered on a baked sweet potato like in this recipe.

Roasted grapes
Via: howsweeteats.com

Make these cute ‘grape poppers’

Dip white or red grapes in white choc and sprinkles to make these fun poppers.

Grape poppers
Via: thisgrandmaisfun.com

Bake a cake

Eat this with a dollop of cream or, if you’re more of a savoury type, with cheese and wine. A great way to use up the rest of a bunch.

Grape cake
Via: thewoodandspoon.com

Jam it

Turn a glut of grapes into this vivid violet jam.

Grape jam
Via: mamalikestocook.com

Super sorbet

Freeze any uneaten white grapes. Then they can be blended to make this super-simple refresher.

Grape sorbet
Via: liveeatlearn.com

A twist on lamb shanks

The grapes cook down gorgeously, creating the hearty, satisfying sauce in this lovely lamb dish.

Grape sauce
Via: Sainsbury’s

Cool kebabs

Chicken skewers get a fruity twist in this surprisingly delicious flavour combo.

Chicken skewers with grapes
Via: Sainsbury’s

Lolly good

Halved red or white grapes, plus any juicy fruit that needs eating up, can be used in these traffic-light lollies.

Frozen grape lollies
Via: Sainsbury’s

Toss in salad

Caesar salad is almost as classic as the Roman emperor of the same name. Red grapes add a hint of soft sweetness.

Salad with grapes
Via: Sainsbury’s

Put them on pizza

The zing of citrusy sweet grapes cuts through the gooey cheese on this impressive pizza.

Pizza with grapes
Via: liveeatlearn.com

Shake up cocktail hour

Crush grapes into soda water for a delicious refresher, or try this oh-so-posh grape and rosemary gin crush.

Grape cocktail
Via: bojongourmet.com

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