12 things you didn’t know you could do with carrots

Posted by Ella Buchan on 16 November 2016

Give Christmas pud a twist

Soft, sweet, spicy and simple to make in a pressure cooker, a bowl of this comforting steamed carrot cake makes a tasty change from traditional Christmas pud.

Steamed carrot cake
Via: Pressure Cooking Today

Get in a pickle

Pickled carrots are as moreish as gherkins and even easier to make. They will keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge. This hibiscus pickled veg recipe by Artful Desperado throws in some other crunchy bits too.

Hibiscus pickled veg
Via: Artful Desperado

Use your loaf

This twist on carrot cake - a loaf with pistachio and pomegranate frosting - by Juniper Cakery is almost too pretty to eat.

Loaf with pistachio and pomegranate frosting
Via: Juniper Cakery

Raise the steaks

Butcher bigger carrots by halving lengthways and pan sear as you would a steak. Try this recipe for pan-seared carrot steaks on epicurious.

Pan-seared carrot steaks
Shutterstock via: Olha Afanasieva

Tart things up

This rainbow tart by Bake to the Roots uses spirals of veggies, including carrots, to stunning effect.

Rainbow tart
Via: Bake to the Roots

Heavenly hummus

Carrots are common crudities, but how about including them in the actual dip? This hummus recipe by Blissful Basil balances the natural sweetness with red lentils and walnuts.

Carrot hummus
Via: Blissful Basil

Hang them out to dry

Dehydrated carrots can be rehydrated to add to soups and stews, crumbled over salads or just munched as a healthy snack. 

Dehydrated carrots
Via: Gutsy

Sneak into sauces

Purée cooked carrots and stir a spoonful or three into pasta sauces, mac ‘n’ cheese or mashed potato for a sneaky serving of vitamins.

Pasta with purée cooked carrots sauce
Shutterstock via: Ezume Images

Vegan ‘sausages’

Throw baby carrots in the slow cooker with barbecue sauce. Cooked on a low setting for four hours, they make a tasty veggie alternative to cocktail sausages.

Vegan carrot ‘sausages’
Shutterstock via: Elena Shashkina

Guilt-free fries

Sweet potato chips are pretty standard now, so why not carrot fries?

Carrot fries
Via: 2Teaspoons

Carrot pizza

Yep - use carrot purée in place of tomato sauce for a flavour twist that will get your dinner guests talking. The rosemary in this carrot pizza recipe on Stop, Cook & Listen balances out the natural sweetness. 

Carrot sauce on pizza
Via: Stop, Cook & Listen

Jam it

Based on an 1865 recipe by Mrs Beeton, this vivid carrot jam on Veggie Desserts would add a jolt of sunshine to any breakfast table.

Carrot jam
Via: Kate Hackworthy/Veggie Desserts

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