12 things you didn’t know you could do with avocado

Posted by Ella Buchan on 21 October 2016

Credit:  Baloncici

Avocados have been having a ‘bit of a moment’ for quite some time. 

A regular breakfast and brunch favourite, for topping toast or served with poached eggs and crispy bacon, the flesh is equally delicious scooped straight from its knobbly skin with a spoon.

But have you tried these amazing ways with the chartreuse beauties?

Bake eggs in them

Simply scoop a little of the flesh from halved avos, crack in eggs, season and bake for around 10 minutes. Mash the rest of the flesh with a squeeze of lime and a little chilli to serve on the side.

Try these baked avocados with crispy bacon by White on Rice Couple.

Baked avocado eggs
Via: White on Rice Couple

Blitz in a smoothie

Add a natural creaminess to your morning boost with no need for milk or yogurt. Delicious in green juices, like this smoothie with pineapple by Natasha’s Kitchen.

Avocado smoothie
Via: Natasha’s Kitchen

Dress things up

Avocados take this vinaigrette to a whole new level. Simply whizz with the usual ingredients in a blender.

Avocado dressing
Via: Back to Her Roots

Grill them

Add an extra flavour dimension by brushing peeled avocado quarters with a little oil, season and stick under a high grill for a couple of minutes each side.

Delish in salads like this vegan caesar salad by Blissful Basil.

Grilled avocado
Via: Blissful Basil

Make avocado cups

Scoop out the flesh, dice and toss with grapefruit or orange, burrata or mozzarella, fresh herbs and olive oil before scooping back into the skins.

Or try these avocado cups with tuna by The Stay At Home Chef.

Avocado tuna cups
Via: Rachel Farnsworth/The Stay At Home Chef

Superfood soup

Whizz up a refreshing chilled soup - the perfect summer lunch or supper. This avocado and cucumber recipe from Pickles & Honey zings with lime and cucumber.

Avocado soup
Via: Amanda Maguire/Pickles & Honey

Avocado fries

Slice up, dip in egg, roll in breadcrumbs and bake for these avocado fries. Life changing.

Avocado fries
Via: Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate mousse

This delicious chocolate mousse recipe by Well Plated owes its rich, silken texture to - you guessed it - avocados. Super healthy, but no one would ever guess...

Chocolate avocado mousse
Via: Erin Clarke/Well Plated

Ice cream

Avocados make the most delectable, spoon-licking creamy ice cream. Check out this key lime recipe at The Roasted Root.

Avocado ice cream
The Roasted Root

Devilish canapés

Shake up traditional devilled eggs by substituting the usual mayo mix with avocado.

This bold and bright version from Amazingly Tasty uses beetroot, for a visually stunning hors d’oeuvre.

Devilish avocado canapés
Via: Amazingly Tasty

Use as mayonnaise

Whether in a chicken salad, sarnies or smashed up and tossed in a salad, ripe avocados are even more delicious than a dollop of mayo. And much healthier.

Avocado instead of mayo
Shutterstock via: Timolina

Bake a cake

They’re a great baking ingredient, adding richness to brownies and moistness to cakes. But cake recipe by Bake to the roots makes avocado the star attraction. As it deserves to be.

Avocado cake
Via: Bake to the roots

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