12 things you didn’t know you could do with apples

Posted by Sainsbury's on 17 March 2017

Crisp, sweet and delicious, we do like them apples. But it seems we often buy more than we can eat, with 59,000 tonnes of apples thrown away from UK homes every year.

Help them last longer by keeping them in the fridge in a loosely tied plastic bag, to help prevent them from shrivelling up.

One bad apple really does spoil the barrel, so keep an eye on your fruit and separate out any that are ripening quicker than the rest.

And don’t chuck bruised apples away. Just cut out the bad bits and grate the rest into salads, or cut into wedges for a snack. 

You can also freeze slices after blanching in boiling water. Freeze in a single layer on a baking tray, then pack into bags. They might be a bit mushy to eat after freezing, but will work wonderfully in chutneys, apple sauce and baking.

Here’s some inspiration to help you get through more than an apple a day...

Roast with the most

Apples are traditionally paired with pork, but this recipe for next-level roast chicken shows how versatile they are. Sliced apples cook with the bird, adding a lovely soft sweetness.

Roast chicken
Via: Sainsbury’s

Apple fries

Crunchy, crispy apple wedges dipped in a gorgeously creamy, caramel cheesecake dip. Sure to be a hit at your next dinner party or romantic meal.

Apple fries
Via: brit.co


Sliced apple thins

A great way to use up an abundance of apples while also saving money on shop-bought snacks, these simple and healthier apple thins use just the fruit and some ground cinnamon. Great for kids’ lunchboxes.

Apple crisps
Via: Sainsbury’s

Pick a pickle

Here’s a fab way of using up and preserving loads of apples. Once matured and ready to eat (after three to four weeks) this cheese and biscuit loving chutney will keep for up to six weeks in the fridge.

Apple chutney
Via: Sainsbury’s

Sweeten up soup

Those lovely round fruits are marvellous at multitasking. Balancing bitter, spicy and savoury flavours in soups like this pretty pink number with roast beetroot.

Beetroot roast
Via: Sainsbury’s

Bake into bread

Chunks of roast, cinnamon-scented apple nestle in this soft, chewy bread. Try not to eat the whole loaf in one go, mind...

Via: thekitchenprepblog.com

Add fresh flavour to fish

Sweet, crisp apple balances the strong flavours in this trout dish, adding a fab freshness. It will work with salmon, too.

Via: Sainsbury’s

Top this no-tin tart

We all know apple tarts are delicious, especially the caramelised loveliness of a tarte tatin. But apple on a savoury tart? Just like the crisp fruit with a chunk of cheese is a classic combo, the diced apple on this simple pastry treat cuts through the sharp cheddar and salty ham hock wonderfully. Perfect for picnics.

Via: Sainsbury’s

Polenta ‘French toast’ with spiced apples

Even wrinkly, sad-looking galas will perk up in this beautiful brunch idea - squares of crispy polenta topped with subtly spiced, caramelised apples. Lovely.

Polenta ‘French toast’ with spiced apples
Via: Sainsbury’s

Fab fruit leather

Save money on shop-bought fruit leather and make this impressive (and sneakily healthier) snack with any apples.

Fruit leather
Via: ohmyveggies.com

Pork and apple sliders

Grated Granny Smith adds fresh zing to these crowd-pleasing cuties.

Pork and apple sliders
Via: Sainsbury’s

Breakfast with a twist

Use a spiraliser or an old-fashioned peeler to make apple ‘noodles’ for this colourful breakfast bowl, or use to top porridge.

Breakfast bowl
Via: athleticavocado.com

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