12 clever storage hacks to help make your food last longer

Posted by Sainsbury's on 14 February 2017


1. Bag it up

Onions like to hide out in cool, dark places, which helps stop them sprouting roots and going mouldy.

A brown paper bag will do. Punch in a few holes to let them breathe, says The Yummy Life.

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2. Berry good

Rinse berries with one part vinegar to 10 parts water to help prevent them from turning mouldy, suggests Live Simply.

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3. Pot your lettuce

This Grandma is Fun found that a mason jar was most effective for keeping lettuce leaves fresh and crisp.

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4. A perfect arrangement

Asparagus can wilt quickly, even in the fridge. Wrap damp paper towels around the base of your bunch or arrange upright in a glass with a little water. In other words, treat those tender stems like cut flowers, says Jill Conyers.

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5. Turn it upside down

Storing your peanut butter jar upside down helps to prevent that layer of oil settling on top, according to Pure Wow. No more stirring.

Peanut butter
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6. Herbs on demand

Fresh herbs can be frozen in ice cube trays with a little water. But topping them up with olive oil instead makes freezer burn less likely, says The Kitchn.

Olive oil
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7. Give cheese a rub down

Rubbing a little oil into a block of cheese before storing in an airtight bag will help to ward off that horrible, plastic texture that cut cheese can have when it dries out, says WikiHow.

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8. Foil the plot

And celery, broccoli and lettuce too, says Just A Little Nutty. Wrapping these veggies in foil keeps out oxygen, so they can last up to two weeks in the fridge.

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9. Be a softie

Pop a marshmallow in your sugar jar to stop it from going lumpy and hard. The moisture helps prevent the grains from drying out, says Food52.

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10. Bind your bananas

Wrap a little tape or cling film around banana stems. This slows the release of ripening agent ethylene, according to Box Your Lunch, so they’ll keep that lovely yellow hue for up to four days longer.

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11. Bottle it up

Spring onions can sometimes turn slimy and brown if not used up quickly. Wash, finely chop and freeze in an empty water bottle, ready to add to those stir-fries whenever you need them. Find the tip on Life Hacker.

Spring onions
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12. Stay green

According to The Kitchn, keeping a slice of onion with your cut avocados will stop them from turning brown. It’s all about the sulphur, which prevents the avo from oxidising, apparently.

Avocado and onion
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