10 ways to turn leftovers into a delicious weekend brunch

Posted by Ella Buchan on 10 November 2016

Many meals can be turned into breakfast or brunch by simply adding eggs. These tasty ideas take things a step further, for mid-morning meals worth getting out of bed for.

Make a hash of it

Almost anything can be turned into a tasty breakfast hash. Dice up boiled or roast potatoes and fry with veggies and roast or grilled meat (steak is perfect). Once hot and crisp, make ‘wells’ to crack in eggs and stick in the oven until set.

Flaked tuna, tinned beans and chopped up sausages will work, too. Experiment with this recipe for cheesy bacon and egg hash from Cafe Delites.

Cheesy bacon and egg hash
Via: Karina Carrel/Cafe Delites

Eggy bread

Hollow out bread buns or chunky crusts, crack in eggs with some seasoning and bake for around 10 minutes. The bread will simultaneously soften and crisp in the oven, for these baked eggs in bread bowls - a fresh take on eggs ‘n’ soldiers.

Eggy bread
Via: Noble Pig

Savoury french toast

French bread past its best, eggs, milk, mustard and cheese (Gruyère is delicious, but use any you have in the fridge) make this beautiful breakfast bake.

Prepare the night before and you will be truly ‘easy like Sunday morning’. Or try this recipe for French toast with feta by Diethood.

Savoury French toast
Via: Katerina Petrovska/Diethood

Breakfast nachos

Top leftover tortillas or broken up tacos with scrapes of dip, guacamole, sour cream and grated cheese. Scramble some eggs with a little chilli and - voila! - your Saturday night telly snack is now a morning marvel. Perfect for sharing.

Try these chorizo and egg breakfast nachos by Closet Cooking.

Breakfast nachos
Via: Kevin Lynch/Closet Cooking

Use the ‘debris’

You know the little scraps of pork, beef or lamb in the bottom of your roasting tin? These tasty morsels will take scrambled eggs to the next level.

Stir in with chopped fresh herbs and a little chilli and spoon on toast or muffins.

Scrambled eggs
Shutterstock via: Piyato

Steak Benedict

This Benedict recipe is a tasty twist on steak ‘n’ eggs - muffins optional. Try with leftover crab meat, cooked salmon or even southern-fried chicken.

Steak Benedict
Via: We Got Food Covered

Throw it in an omelette

One of the most versatile breakfast dishes, the only limit is your imagination - and what you have in the fridge, of course. Fill with leftover roasted or grilled veggies, sausage or even the last spoonfuls of ragu from last night’s Bolognese.

Or make a frittata with anything from boiled potatoes and veggies to cooked spaghetti. Try this frittata by Gimme Some Oven.

Via: Gimme Some Oven


A thick, American-style pancake batter can handle whole berries and even crumbled-up cheesecake or sponge, adding texture and extra yum to your fluffy brunch. 

Thin pancakes will hold any leftover fruit salad and creamy puds like mousse or panna cotta. Heat to make a sauce, if you like.

Shutterstock via: George Dolgikh


Any cooked flaky fish can be used in a kedgeree, especially smoked varieties. Just add cooked rice and leftover boiled veg, spring onions, lemon juice, fresh coriander and spices and top with hard-boiled or poached eggs.

You can also throw leftovers - from veggies to roast chicken - into a breakfast fried rice.

Via: Sainsbury's

One-pot wonder

Baked eggs or shakshuka is a genius dish when it comes to eating up your leftovers. Anything tomatoey, like a pasta sauce or casserole, will work beautifully. You can even chuck in cooked potatoes and veg, or try mashing up leftover lasagne and adding extra chopped tomatoes before cracking in the eggs.

Try this shakshuka recipe by Katherine Martinelli.

Via: Katherine Martinelli

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