10 kimchi recipes that go beyond cabbage

Posted by Sainsbury's on 5 October 2016

Fermentation is a great way of preserving vegetables that you would otherwise throw away, transforming them with tangy, tongue-tickling flavours to jazz up many meals.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish of fermented, spicy cabbage - delicious stirred into rice, added to sandwiches or loaded onto chips. And it will keep for up to three months refrigerated in a sealed jar, depending on the ingredients - check the individual recipe.

But it isn’t just about cabbage. Try making one of these fabulous fermentations...

Classic cabbage

Let’s start with the kimchi many of us already know and love.

cabbage kimchi
Foodie with Family


Cool, tangy, spicy - all the flavours. This cucumber kimchi adds new dimensions to salads, cold roast beef sarnies and grain dishes.

cucumber kimchi
Saucy Smile


This carrot kimchi is great for using up the rest of that big bag sitting in your veg drawer. Try with parsnips, too - or a combination of the two.

Carrot Kimchi
Kitchen Counter Culture

Brussels sprouts

Two food trends in one. This Brussels kimchi couldn’t be any more hipster if it grew a beard.

Brussels sprouts kimchi
The Gouda Life


The curly superfood is funked up with kimchi spices and peppery radish for this kale kimchi.

kale kimchi
Gather & Dine


Juicy tomatoes fermented overnight in Korean spices make a stunning salad in their own right.

Tomato Kimchi
Hungry Gopher


Fermented courgette slices are beautiful in salads, stir-fries and even added to beef stew. Try this recipe for courgette kimchi from The Blurry Lime.

Courgette Kimchi
The Blurry Lime


Bean curd in kimchi is just divine. Throw into stir-fries or nibble with a drink.

Tofu Kimchi
Seonkyoung Longest

Red cabbage

Traditional kimchi uses napa or Chinese cabbage. Give it a colourful twist with red cabbage, for a milder, sweeter taste.

Red cabbage kimchi
Shutterstock via: Africa Studio

Mix it up

Throw in apple, cabbage, carrots, spring onions, kale (and anything else that needs using up) for a coleslaw kimchi.

mixed vegetable kimchi

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