10 dishes you can turn into soup

Posted by Ella Buchan on 14 December 2016

Roast chicken

A flavour-packed roast chicken is the meal that keeps on giving. Once the carcass has been stripped of meat to throw into stir fries, liven up salads or stuff into sandwiches, simmer up a stock to make this tasty noodle soup.

Chicken soup
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Veg curry

Whether it’s homemade or those takeaway leftovers that often end up in the bin, warm up leftover veg curry with a can of coconut milk and blend into this spicy, warming curried soup.

Curried soup
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Stuffed squash

This roasted butternut squash stuffed with grains, beans and veg makes a hearty winter meal - and the leftovers can be blended with veg stock for an instant soup the next night.

You can do the same with any roasted squash or other veggies, adding a little cream, if you like.

Stuffed squash
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Bangers and mash

Mashed potato makes a gorgeously thick, satisfying soup. Sauté chopped onions, carrots and celery, add stock and seasoning (maybe a little chilli). Stir in the mashed potato once the pot is bubbling away.

Slice in any leftover cooked sausages towards the end - or save them to add to a classic tomato sauce for pasta.

Bangers and mash
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Grilled tofu

Grilled or fried tofu will be lovely added to miso soup. Throw in any noodles and veg leftover from that stir fry, too.

Grilled tofu
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It’s delicious warmed up or eaten cold, but if you do get sick of the leftovers from your lasagne why not add it to soup?

Just cube and throw into a minestrone base as you normally would pasta shapes. You won’t regret it.

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Lentil salad

Use stock, tinned tomatoes or coconut milk to transform lentil salad into this filling vegan soup, spicing it up with curry paste or smoked paprika - depending on the flavours you fancy.

Vegan lentil soup
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Wilt or steam extra greens - from chard to kale - with your supper. Then, the next night, reheat with stock and stir in a spice paste like harissa before blending.

Got some boiled or baked spuds left too? Chop or mash them in to thicken and bulk up the soup.

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Any stew can be easily turned into soup with extra stock or tinned tomatoes. And the tangy, spicy sweet flavours of a Moroccan tagine work especially well.

Simply add stock, bulk up with an extra tin of chickpeas and, if you made couscous as a side dish, stir in any leftovers of that too.

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Strata, or savoury bread pudding, makes a comforting winter supper. Use leftovers as the basis for pancotto - a traditional Tuscan soup usually made with stale bread and stock.

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