10 brilliant batch-cook recipes that keep on giving

Posted by Sainsbury's on 25 March 2016


Food preparation in bulk is a great way to use up what’s in the kitchen cupboards and also saves time and energy in the kitchen.

Here’s a selection of delicious recipes that can be cooked and then kept for subsequent lunches and dinners during the week.

1. Creamy courgette and beef lasagne

If you’re going to the effort of making lasagne, you might as well go large and divvy up a few extra portions for weekday meals.  Flavours often improve after a day or two in the fridge too.

Creamy courgette and beef lasagne

2. Sausage and cider casserole

Assuming it’s not all wolfed down in one sitting, this hearty dish will last longer than your average casserole as it’s flavoured with cider - a natural preservative.

Sausage and cider casserole

3. Sweet potato and chicken hot pot

This warming one-pot dish keeps well in a covered container in the fridge and can be reheated on the hob or in the microwave for a good few days after preparation.

Sweet potato and chicken hot pot

4. Leek and cheese frittata

Delicious hot or cold, frittatas make a tasty lunch box addition. Once cooled, simply slice into wedges and wrap in foil or cling film and store in the fridge for weekday lunches on the go.

Leek and cheese frittata

5. Butternut squash and red pepper soup

Make the most of this scrumptious soup by whipping up a big batch that can be enjoyed over a few days. Serve with a hunk of cheese and a slice of bread.

Butternut squash and red pepper soup

6. Meatball goulash

This twist on a traditional Hungarian goulash can be kept in the fridge for up to three days. Mix things up a bit by serving with pasta instead of rice.

Meatball goulash with spaghetti

7. Creamy red lentil moussaka

This veggie version of a classic Greek dish is so moreish you’ll be glad you made enough for a few extra portions.

Creamy red lentil moussaka

8. Dukkah sweet potato and spinach dal

This yummy dal is easy to make and full of good stuff. All the more reason for going to the effort of cooking in bulk.

Dukkah sweet potato and spinach dal

9. Tender pork stew

There’s only one thing better than a steaming hot stew to warm you up and fill your belly on a cold day. And that’s second helpings the day after.

Tender pork stew

10. Berry rice pudding

Batch cooking doesn’t have to be savoury. Make enough of this zingy rice pud to scoff hot or cold for a few days after initial preparation.

Berry rice pudding

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