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Be inspired in the kitchen

12 things you didn’t know you could do with avocado

Consider these 12 more excuses to enjoy the creamy superfood

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12 things you never knew you could do with leftover pumpkin

Everyone knows about pumpkin soup, but have you ever wrapped your taste buds around these delicious dishes?

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Map your meals: How to successfully plan ahead

Discover how to become a pro at meal planning - reduce your food waste and slash your shopping bill

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Banana split your fruit up

Bananas can cause other fruit to ripen rapidly, so it’s best to keep them separate.

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12 wonderful ways to use up leftover condiments

What to do with random scrapes of mustard, ketchup and mayo

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Beyond broth: 8 sauces you can make using leftovers

Get creative with your leftovers to make these sauces perfect for pasta and more...

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10 kimchi recipes that go beyond cabbage

It’s not just cabbage that can be pickled and preserved to make the on-trend Korean accompaniment

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Don’t put your avocados on a diet

To help slow down the process of your leftover avocado going dry and brown, store halved fruits in the fridge with the stone left in.

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These potatoes are getting chippy

They work beautifully together in tasty recipes from Spanish omelette to soups. But potatoes and onions really don’t make good bedfellows. In fact, they should be kept out of each other’s way at all costs.

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Yoghurt gets a mouthwatering makeover

We're potty for this clever little idea. If you've bought too much yoghurt sweeten with a little honey, pour into lolly moulds and freeze.

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Genius hacks to help you waste less in the kitchen

Don't be a waster, these genius tips will help you cut your food wastage in half

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12 ways to save like an Italian

From breadcrumbs to cheese rinds, Italians let nothing go to waste

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12 things you didn’t know you could do with cabbage

Boiled cabbage? Boring! Jazz up this underrated vegetable with these ideas instead...

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We can’t take our eyes off these potatoes

When it comes to the sudden sprouting of extra eyes, potatoes prefer being kept in the dark - literally. Store them in a cool dark place and they won't sprout anywhere near as quickly.

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Fruit in fridge

These fruits need to chill out

All fruit goes in the fruit bowl, right? Fruit actually keeps longer in the fridge, with the exception of bananas and pineapples - they can stay where they are.

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The best dance routine since sliced bread

We all know that bread can be frozen. But before you stick it in the freezer, slice it (if it's not sliced already) then shake it about a bit to separate all the slices so they won't stick together in one annoying block when frozen. You can even do a little dance at the same time if you feel like it.

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Salad leaves

How to give salad leaves the spa treatment

If your salad leaves are looking rather sad, just add a sheet of kitchen paper to the salad bowl then cover with cling film and store in the fridge. The kitchen paper will magically absorb excess moisture helping stop the salad going soggy.

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Grated cheese

A grate way to make your cheese last longer

Rather than resigning cheese to its dried out destiny, grate it then stick it in the freezer. It's perfect for sprinkling over lasagne, pasta or even a toastie (defrost it first, obviously).

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Turn leftover roast meat into a Banh Mi

Make a delicious Vietnamese sandwich at home using up leftover chicken, beef or pork

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Make the most of your roast: Ideas with Sunday leftovers

Get more out of your Sunday roast with these tasty leftover ideas

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Go bananas for our energy bites

Use up overripe bananas by making tasty energy bites

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Cut to the core: Turn apple scraps into a refreshing tea

Turn apple waste into a delicious fruit tea with our ingenious recipe

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Cooked too much pasta? Make a cheesy frittata

Use up leftover spaghetti and tomato sauce in a delicious frittata

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12 brilliant ways to feed unexpected guests

Rustle up these delicious meals for impromptu dinner parties and last-minute callers

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10 meals that are perfect for lunchbox leftovers

Turn last night’s supper into a midday meal with these ideas

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Saucy saviours: 5 classic sauces to bring leftovers to life

Learn how to make these ‘mother sauces’ to transform scraps into sensational meals

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12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover herbs

Never throw fresh herbs away again with these super-tasty ideas

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12 things you didn't know you could do with leftover coffee grinds

After draining a cup (or three) of coffee brewed from freshly-ground beans, how many of us empty the contents of the French press straight into the bin? Even worse - down the sink?

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Holiday countdown: How to avoid wasting food when you go away

Jetting off? Follow these tips to avoid throwing away a fridge full

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Turn potato peelings into a crispy snack

You’ll never throw potato skins away again once you’ve seen this drool-worthy recipe

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Try our ‘chuck it all in’ rainbow slaw

Empty your vegetable drawer into this bright, beautiful rainbow slaw

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In a pickle: Turn overripe tomatoes into chutney

Watch our video to find out how to turn use up on-the-turn tomatoes by turning them into a tasty chutney

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13 salsas and dips made from leftover fruit and veg

Transform on-the-turn produce and leftovers into one of these moreish dips

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Use your loaf: Turn stale bread into tasty breadcrumbs

Make flavour-packed breadcrumbs from stale bread with our clever recipe

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13 ways to use up BBQ leftovers

Over-catered for the barbecue? Discover some tasty uses for your leftovers...

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Simple endings make great beginnings: 10 store cupboard recipes

Try these tasty dishes inspired by what’s left in your cupboard

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12 things you didn't know you could do with leftover pasta

There’s more to do with leftover pasta than reheating it in the microwave. Pasta muffin, anyone?

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12 things you didn't know you could do with leftover biscuits

Crumbled cookies and past-their-best biscuits have some canny culinary uses. Try these top tricks to bring them back to life.

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11 of the best storage containers

Think outside the plastic box with these alternative storage ideas

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Crunch time: Use our decision map to help plan your dinner

What’s on the menu tonight? We’ve created a handy planner to help you to decide...

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12 ways to make leftovers go further

Think you haven’t got enough for leftovers? Think again! Here are 12 brilliant ways to bulk out stews, pies and sauces for delicious ‘seconds’

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12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover teabags

Once they’ve been steeped for your morning cuppa, those little magic bags have many other uses

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12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover pastry

From the half-packet of frozen puff crystallising in the back of your freezer, to the scraps from rolling out a pie, save some ‘dough’ by making use of your leftover pastry

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12 genius ideas for using up leftover nuts and nibbles

Give new life to soggy, stale crackers, nuts and seeds

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It’s a wrap: 12 delicious fillings using leftovers

Use up what’s left in your fridge with these delicious ideas for filling wraps

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12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover cheese

Those scrappy, crumbly, slightly tough-looking bits of cheese in your fridge may well be your new culinary best friend...

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13 delicious recipes that prove everything works in risotto

From garlic to peas and leftover eggs – these risotto recipes will make good use of those lonely bits in your store cupboard

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Make Father’s Day: 7 Great British meals from leftovers

Cook up a real treat for the family this Father’s Day with one of these belly-filling British classics

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Burger 'wannabe' kings: 9 barbecue recipes made from leftovers

Create delicious burgers from the leftovers in your fridge with these genius recipe ideas

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Get in a pickle: Easy guide to preserving your leftovers

Fridge bursting at the seams with fruit and veg? More salad than you can shake a cucumber at? Follow our easy guide to making perfect pickles

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12 things you didn't know you could do with leftover bread

Think again before you throw those crusts and stale slices in the bin. Here are 12 genius ways to use your loaf...

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Get yourself store cupboard savvy

Here we bring to you the kitchen essentials you need to cook good-quality basic dishes that won’t break the bank. We will also tell you the best way to store these foods so they last longer.

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12 things you didn't know you could do with overripe bananas

Bananas: who doesn’t love ‘em? Wholesome, delicious and easy to eat on the go, it’s no wonder they’re a beloved breakfast staple and any time-of-day snack. They’re just as tasty when overripe – a classic ingredient to bake into muffins and puddings.

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What to do with leftover tinned foods

Leftover glugs of tinned tomato, coconut milk or fruit clogging up your fridge? Too many cans of sweetcorn crowding your cupboards? Here are some brilliant ways on using up leftover tinned foods

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12 things you never knew you could do with cereal

Those crumbly, stale bits at the bottom of the cereal box have some life left in them yet

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12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover fruit and veg skins

Pause before you toss your leftover fruit and veg skins in the bin – and try one of these tasty uses for them instead

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13 fabulous ways with frozen fruit

Fresh isn’t always best. Frozen fruit such as berries (or mango, pineapple, cherries and even bananas) have just as many vitamins as their more perishable counterparts.

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12 things you didn't know you could do with leftover egg yolks

Got some sunshine-yellow egg yolks leftover in the fridge? Why not turn them into one of these tasty treats.

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An ode to the humble glass jar

From storing to stashing and pickling to preserving and packing: there are so many reasons to love a seal-tight jam jar, let us count the ways.

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12 delicious fridge 'sweep' soups

Easy soup recipes that make the most of what’s left in your cupboard and fridge

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With Vegemates like that, who needs frenemies?

Shoppers could save over £100 a year just by turning their hand to matchmaking…for fruit and veg. Finding the perfect pal for parsnips or a life partner for plums could mean the difference between throwing out fresh fruit and veg and extending its life, according to Sainsbury’s.

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Spice Up Your Life

Don’t neglect your spice rack - harness those little pots of flavour to transform tired-looking produce into beautiful dishes

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Readers share tips for wasting less and saving more

From batch baking to freezing egg yolks – you gave us your thrifty and delicious ideas on wasting less food and saving more

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12 things you didn’t know you could do with tinned tomatoes

Whether you’ve got cans in the cupboard or leftovers in the fridge – these tasty tinned tomato dishes promise to put your tinned toms to tasty and excellent use

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10 food hacks that’ll magically make your food last longer

Here are 10 simple and sneaky food hacks to make the food in your kitchen last longer than you thought possible

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Easter Egg Ice Cream Sandwich

12 things you never knew you could do with leftover Easter Eggs

Transform your chocolate from leftover easter eggs into one of these delicious delights

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10 brilliant batch-cook recipes that keep on giving

Food preparation in bulk is a great way to use up what’s in the kitchen cupboards and also saves time and energy in the kitchen.

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Leftover Roast Potatoes

Feeling a little worse for wear this morning? It's roast potato taco time.

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Food waste bin

What kind of food waster are you?

OK, you’re here because, like thousands of others up and down the country, you recognise that too much good grub ends up in the bin. Take this quiz to figure out what kind of waster you actually are and what you can do about it.

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8 surprisingly freezable foods

Peas, ice cream and something unrecognisable - these are your usual freezer inhabitants. But what about these ice-shy foodstuffs?

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The most thrown away food in the UK: chicken, bananas, pasta, potatoes, shrimps and tomatoes

What are the most thrown away foods in Britain?

How does Manchester compare to, say, London?

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Lemon peel

8 things to do with food scraps, other than put them in the bin

Food scrapings and peelings, teabags, tops and tails of fruit and veg can all be used up in some very tasty ways.

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Cherry pie

8 tasty winter treats you couldn’t make without the freezer

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these taste bud-tingling treats.

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How long does food keep in the freezer

How long does food keep in the freezer?

Set your freezer to -18C, wrap up your food nice and tight, and some of it will keep for two whole years. It's a bit like a time machine.

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An ode to the frozen pea

If it’s good enough for Michelin-starred restaurants, why aren’t we making more of the frozen pea at home? MasterChef finalist Jack Lucas show us how.

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5 things you need to know about defrosting food (it’s easier than you thaw-t)

Defrost like a boss with this definitive guide to food thawing.

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13 tasty ways to use up every morsel of your leftovers

Make your food work that little bit harder with these smart ideas

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11 things you never knew you could freeze

Don't throw it out! The foods that can go from bin to win.

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11 things savvy shoppers buy to waste less and save more

11 things savvy shoppers buy to waste less and save more

Every year in the UK, we throw away seven million tonnes of food and drink from our homes, more than half of which could have been eaten or drunk. However, making some simple shopping switches could help your basket go a lot further.

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Creamy garden spinach

Why frozen spinach will change your life

Delicious reasons to stock-up on the frozen stuff

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Profusion of pears

Overripe pears? Not a problem. Stewed, baked or poached, they make the perfect after dinner treat.

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Mediterranean veg on the turn

Don’t dismiss peppers, courgettes and other Mediterranean veg that's past its best. There’s still plenty of ways to turn them into a mouth-watering meal.

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Tomatoes on the turn

So what if your tomatoes are a bit squishy and wrinkly? The passing of time can actually improve their taste if you know what to do with them.

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Fish pie

5 ways to enjoy seafood straight from the freezer

Frozen seafood is a great way to whip-up a quick but decadent dinner in no time.

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Surge of celery

Celery might look a bit limp and lack lustre when it’s on the turn but looks can be deceiving.

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Wrinkly peaches

We’re so used to chucking away anything that looks less than glossy and just-ripe, but there’s plenty of value left in most fresh produce when it’s ‘on the turn’.

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Too many chestnuts?

As long as they’re not mouldy or bitter there’s still many of ways to cheer up chestnuts that are past their best.

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7 ways to transform frozen ingredients into tasty dinners

A small collection of basic ingredients in the freezer is your fast track to easy and delicious dinners. We’re talking pre-chopped onions and garlic, rice that can be added straight to the pan, mixed chopped peppers for a colourful crunch, the list goes on. Here’s how you can transform a few freezer ingredients into delicious dinners for the family.

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Broccoli fries

Waste not, want more: delicious foods you really shouldn’t be binning

Think juice pulp and potato peelings have to go in the bin? Think again.

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Pizza pockets

Leftover Pizza Pockets

Pizza is not made to be wasted, never throw a single slice away again with this handy hack.

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Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

Don’t fret if your rhubarb’s gone floppy, there’s lots you can still do with with those peculiar pink stalks.

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Pumpkin on its way out?

Got a pumpkin that’s past it’s prime? Here are some cunning ways to make the most of every last scrap.

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Fish pie

My frozen food challenge: 1 week, 5 meals

We challenged MasterChef finalist Jack Lucas to create meals from frozen ingredients for one week. How did he fare?

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Rejina Sabur-Cross

Leftover lamb with Rejina Sabur-Cross

Busy mum and food lover Rejina Sabur-Cross shows us what she does with her leftover roast lamb, transforming it into a delicious lamb ragu pasta.

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Beef and potato cakes

Leftover beef with Pam Clarkson

Retired pub landlady and food lover Pam Clarkson shows us what she does with her leftover roast beef, transforming it into delicious beef and potato cakes.

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Spiced pork noodless

Nick Coffer’s Spiced Pork Noodles

Busy dad of two and food lover Nick Coffer shows us what he does with his leftover roast pork, transforming it (with a bit of help from the kids) into a delicious spiced pork noodle dish.

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Nick Coffer

Food lover Nick cooking Pork

Watch food lover Nick create a recipe from leftover pork.

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