Zero Waste Kitchen

Posted by Sainsbury's on 23 September 2016


For three months, 50 Swadlincote families will be trialling products and taking cooking workshops to help them waste less food.

Each of the families taking part is being awarded £100 to spend on new kitchen tools to help them make the most of their food.

Selecting from a shopping list including blenders, storage devices and innovative new products yet to reach the shop floor, the families will undertake the ‘Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge’ between September and December.

They will also have home consultations with the Food Saver Champions, be given handbooks with tools and tips and free cooking workshops to guide them on their journey.

The Champions have already visited the families’ homes to chat about current circumstances and food habits, helping them to decide which tools might prove most useful.

With 15 million tonnes of food and drink thrown away by UK households each year, nearly half of which could have been eaten, households could save around £60 a week.

We’ll be following the families’ progress throughout the trial, with final results on how successfully they wasted less and saved money at the end of the challenge in December.