Posted by Ella Buchan on 9 December 2016


Imagine if someone could write your ideal shopping list, help you to decide what’s for dinner and even get the ingredients you need delivered to your door?

SmartPlanner might not be able to push a trolley or cook your supper, but it can make easy work of planning meals and cutting down on food waste.

The app uses your Nectar details to work out what you are most likely to still have in the fridge since your last shop. You can then search for quick and easy recipes to use up those products, saving them from the bin.

Any extra ingredients needed for the dishes can be added to a shopping list manually or via the app’s suggested shop function. This works by looking at previous purchases and working out what you are most likely to buy during a food shop.

SmartPlanner keeps track of the meals you plan, giving an overview of what’s on the menu and letting you know what you need to buy.

To save even more time, the final shopping list can be sent to Sainsbury’s Online Groceries for delivery to your door.

The app is currently being tested by 100 customers in Swadlincote, the Waste less, Save more pioneer town. 

The trial ends just before Christmas and early feedback has been positive - 43 per cent of users said SmartPlanner helped reduce their food waste, with 52 per cent saying it was still too early to tell.

And 78 per cent said they would continue using the app, with the remaining 22 per cent saying they were undecided.