Nectar Incentives

Posted by Sainsbury's on 29 September 2016


Everyone loves building up their Nectar points. So what if Sainsbury's committed to giving Nectar points as rewards for helping towards reducing food waste? It's one idea that will be trialled in Swadlincote to see if awarding extras as an incentive would work on a wider scale.

For example, a community fridge was launched in the Derbyshire town at the end of August for local people and local businesses to donate surplus food. When people use the community fridge as part of the sharing scheme, they are given a stamp card the first time they visit. They collect further stamps each time they use the fridge, which will then be swapped for points – 500 bonus points for every five visits, in fact.

Meanwhile, our Food Saver project is another way to rack up free points. We have been working with the public to identify Food Saver Champions - people who have been recognised as making a big effort in reducing their food waste. These Champions will be awarded coupons for up to 1000 Nectar points as a thank you for taking part.

We will be noting down data on the increase in public engagement with these incentives and, if it proves a success, it’s something Sainsbury’s would like to roll out across the nation.

Working together is the best way of tackling the global problem of food waste and, if we can promise extras to those people making the effort, then everybody wins.