Leftovers stickers

Posted by Sainsbury's on 10 August 2016


Boxing up leftover meals is only half the battle. Impromptu nights out or simply picking up something else for supper, forgetting that you had last night’s dish sitting in the fridge, can throw all those good intentions out the window. Or, more likely, in the bin.

Once leftover soup or stew has languished in the fridge for a couple of days, it’s hard to know whether it’s still safe to eat.

Sainsbury’s worked with a packaging supplier to create new tech designed to help customers keep tabs on their leftovers.

Freshness stickers are designed to display temperature and how long they have been in the fridge, helping people to decide whether they are still OK to eat.

Given to Sainsbury’s customers, some of who were also trialling the fridge thermometers, the stickers are sensitive to time and temperature.

Of those who were given stickers, 20 per cent reported using them. However, 82 per cent of those who did try them said it worked well and helped them keep track of what was still safe to eat.

Of food marked with a sticker, 60 per cent was eaten and 27 per cent was thrown away.

Resounding feedback was that, while the stickers weren’t seen by the majority as a useful tool for households, they could be a great addition to food packaging - for example, sliced meats.

Sainsbury’s is now exploring this idea to see how it could be incorporated into its existing packaging.