Fridge thermometers

Posted by Sainsbury's on 21 August 2016


You might be an expert when it comes to using up leftovers and whipping up meals from bits and bobs. But if your fridge isn’t functioning as it should, food can spoil more quickly - meaning it’s much more likely to end up in the bin.

Fridge thermometers were given out to 10,000 Swadlincote residents so they could find out if their fridges were set at the right temperature.

The thermometer has a black circle which turns green and reads ‘OK’ if a fridge is set at the ideal temperature. If it remains black the temperature needs adjusting.

Through the initiative, 74 per cent of people changed the temperature of their fridge, and 78 per cent agreed it was a useful tool.

A huge 94 per cent were able to make changes to their fridge temperature after trying the thermometers, with 22 per cent finding their fridges were not cool enough.

Half noticed a difference in the length of time food lasted in the fridge after adjusting the temperature.

Tester Rebekah Muldowney said: “It’s such a simple idea but can make such a difference. I’ve found my fresh food keeps much longer when at the right temperature. 

“Having the thermometer in your fridge also serves as an ongoing reminder, helping you keep waste at front of mind and act more consciously.”

Many factors can affect your fridge’s temperature. Just opening the door to grab milk for a cuppa can raise the temperature, so keep it closed as much as possible. A fridge recently filled with shopping can also take several hours to cool down.

Knowing where to store different items in the fridge can also make a difference. The coolest part is usually the bottom of the fridge, so keep salad and veg in the drawers and store raw meat, poultry and fridge separately on the lower shelves.

Sainsbury’s has handed out a further one million thermometers in its stores nationwide following the success of the trial.