Food Rescue

Posted by Sainsbury's on 29 September 2016


Faced with a fridge full of different leftovers and random bits of veg, it isn’t always easy to get inspired. And food can end up in the bin as a result.

That’s why Sainsbury’s teamed up with Google to create the Food Rescue website and app.

This online tool helps people work out what they can cook up with leftovers and food they might otherwise throw away. Simply input the ingredients you have to reveal an array of delicious recipes you can whip up.

Using voice recognition technology, you can speak, or type in up to nine ingredients to unlock meal ideas. The app has more than 1,200 choices from sumptuous suppers to simple snacks. And because you can use it on your smartphone, it’s easy to get ideas on the go.

The app also calculates how much money you have saved by using up your ingredients rather than throwing them away.

Feedback from the six Swadlincote families currently trialling various different tools and methods to reduce food waste, has shown Food Rescue is especially beneficial for less confident cooks.

Those who would describe themselves as “tentative” in the kitchen, enjoying cooking but sometimes needing a little advice and support, found the app useful and engaging.

Tips such as freezing bananas were praised for being practical and easy to implement and recipes proved inspiring, especially at the end of the week when the fridge begins to run empty.

While some were interested in the statistics showing how people have been saving food and money around the country, others felt that was less relevant to their own efforts at home.

More confident cooks found that the tips and recipes didn’t add anything to their existing knowledge, wishing to see more detailed explanations of advice on storage, for example.

As it has proved popular in focus groups, Food Rescue can now be found on the Waste less, Save more website.